April 9, 2006

Jill Barber, Grad Club, Kingston, 8 November 2005

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For such a small place, Kingston has produced and/or nurtured a wide range of extremely talented musicians and bands. Some bands exist only while the members are at the University and then are left behind when the people leave for the real world, others continue to perform and grow as artists. Jill Barber is a wonderful case of the latter. First as part of the indie-rock band Bent Ivy and then as a solo artist, she developed as a musician right here before leaving for Halifax. However, a few times a year she returns, often to the Grad Club where she performed in front of an audience for the first time, to share her wonderful folky/jazz-tinged songs. For those unfamiliar with her, she is a singer-songwriter who has a rich, warm voice which she uses most often to tell stories of love and its aftermath.

What I have from this show from November of last year is only a small portion of her performance. Since recording this show I learned a valuable lesson: carefully label your tapes. You would think that would be a no-brainer but one that sometimes is forgotten. This is important for two reasons 1) so you don’t record over the show (which I did for the first half), and 2) so you don’t use a tape that has other stuff on it which may linger (the ‘ghost’ of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing”, of all things, haunts the background of the latter songs, which makes for a poor mashup). So I put the four songs that I do have that don’t include something unwanted in the background, including one new song “Legacy” (which got cut off at the end). I have another recording of from earlier in 2005 that I will post sometime in the future so if you like this check back in a while. As usual this is an audience recording so the quality isn’t the best possible but I think you might like it nevertheless.

To round out this short post I have added two other songs – one from Barber’s first solo ep and one from a compliation from her band Bent Ivy. Both are fantastic and I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Jill Barber, Grad Club, Kingston, 8 November 2005

1) Oh Heart.mp3 (3.66 MB)

2) Measures & Scales.mp3 (4.75 MB)

3) Legacy.mp3 (3.01 MB)

4) Two Brown Eyes.mp3 (3.43 MB)

Bonus – from A Note to Follow So

* The Best View.mp3 (3.97 MB)

Super Bonus – from the Ultraviolet 2000 compilation :

* Bent Ivy, New Orleans.mp3 (3.6 MB)
[As far as I know this is the only Bent Ivy song recorded but on the listing from the 2001 CMW site, it states that Bent Ivy released an album – can anyone tell me if this is true? You will be my hero if you can provide me with more Bent Ivy tracks]

photo by Rainbowerin

Do yourself a big favour and get A Note to Follow So and Oh Heart from Zunior (the latter also available in CD form from Miles of Music).


  1. woj said,

    very nice — thanks!

  2. ekko said,

    Lost Highway Records. I will never buy, post, or otherwise promote their material until they publicly denounce the criminal prosecution in Florida. I’ve said it before: Those bloggers should be punished for leaking prereleased tracks. That’s just uncool. But jail? C’mon. Bush’s people leaked the name of a CIA agent and they aren’t going to jail, but these leaked four songs off Ryan Adams’ worst album ever and they face a decade in prison? Let the punishment fit the crime.

    PS-I’d love it if you’d blogroll me. You’re on mine.

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Ekko,
    I agree with you – madness. it seems way off to me to be putting those kids in jail. They are the ones buying the records, promothing Adams and telling everyone they know to do the same. I’m just happy that Canada’s copyright laws are such that filesharing is legal….for the moment (new legislation is going to be tabled in the near future).

    Thanks for linking to me. I meant to add your site a while ago – the link is up now.

    Keep on fighting the good fight.

  4. […] I’ve featured the lovely Jill Barber in these pages before, so I trust you are all familiar with her and her wonderfulness and I shall cut right to the chase. Every time Jill graces the Grad Club stage Kingston is given a special treat. There is a familiarity and intimacy that I don’t think I’ve seen with any other artist here. It is like she is playing in your living room. Between almost every song she engages the audience, telling charming tales in hushed tones, speaking warmly of her Kingston days and giving little glimpses of her life now. Onstage, Jill is delicate but never vulnerable as she sings beautiful songs about love, loss, heartbreak and hope. She demands your attention – as you will see in the tracks below you would have been able to hear a pin drop – but you are richly rewarded for it. […]

  5. b said,


    bent ivy never released an album. ultraviolet magazine had set something up with a small local studio where each band could record the track they contributed to the cd compilation. i think bent ivy later recorded some more tracks in the same studio. however, after a few were done they were all accidentally erased! i think they gave up after a while. i’m not sure if they actually completed recording any songs there (other than the one on the compilation). eventually the band broke up and many of the songs they used to play appeared on jill’s first ep.

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