November 30, 2010

SHOWS! Apple Crisp Vinyl Release!

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Mark your calendars for the Apple Crisp 12′ Release Party – Dec. 18th at Queen Street United Church.  Check out the AC site for more details.

November 23, 2010

Shows! Steven McKay, Wax Mannequin & Doctor Ew @ The Mansion, Nov 25th 2010

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This Thursday night there is a killer line up at the Mansion. Steven McKay, Wax Mannequin, & Doctor Ew are playing as well as the freaking amazing BA Johnston (although BA is playing downstairs – check with The Mansion to see if you can see both shows). I saw Dr. Ew at Pop Montreal and they were a lot of fun, Wax Mannequin is always weird and wonderful, and Steven McKay, who recently released a great self-titled album, is not to be missed.

McKay stole the show when he opened for the Forest City Lovers  back in September. He has an easy, warm stage manner which enthralled and amused the Saturday night crowd.  He is no stranger to Kingston, having lived her for a couple of years (the song “You May Be Dirty…”, below, is about the Limestone City), and he was right at home back on the Grad Club’s stage. In addition to some of the best banter I’ve heard in quite some time, McKay is a great songwriter whose rich-voiced delivery is exceptionally inviting. There is an earnestness to his songs but he avoids being overbearing with touches of humour.  His new record fantastically produced, featuring great vocal harmonies (and some really impressive whistling) and a warm AM gold sound.

There are a few dates left on his current tour and he will be back on the road in the new year so watch his site for details.

  • Nov 25th – Kingston, ON @ The Mansion
  • Nov 26th – Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah Lounge
  • Nov 27th – Waterloo, ON @ The Grist Mill

Steven McKay, The Grad Club, Kingston, 18 September 2010

* You May Be Dirty, But You’re All I’ve Got
* Slow Down
* Restore Me

Buy McKay’s self-titled record from the Fuzzy Logic shop or, better  yet, go to the show and get the deluxe edition which features a beautiful photo postcards to go along with each song.

November 22, 2010

Woodhands, General Wolfe Hotel, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 7 August 2009

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Sunnuvabitch. This was supposed to be published on Sat. morning PRIOR to the show at the GradClub but it remained in draft. Oh well. Here it is anyway. Hope you made it to the show. I hear there were lasers.

Once more I have been neglecting this site. I haven’t had as much time to write (or to go to shows) but fear not, I haven’t given up on it yet – especially since I just paid for 6 more months of hosting.

I am a weenie and will not be going to the Woodhands show tonight but you, faithful readers, are not weenies so I assume you will be going and having a heap of fun. Last I heard (yesterday) there were still tickets available so there is a good chance you will still be able to get in even if you don’t have your ticket yet.

The one and only time I saw Woodhands was at the Friday night show of the 2009 Wolfe Island Music Fest. As with the year before (and again this year), the crowd was filled with idiots. Sure, some people were into the music, and some were just into the music  a bit much, but there were many people in the small General Wolfe who were just being dicks.

The band, however, were great. They put on a high-energy, fun show, despite some technical issues. They played a set which drew from their fantastic debut “Heart Attack” with a few covers thrown in for good measure. Dan Werb had a manic intensity and Paul Banwatt proved once again that he is arguably the best drummer out there (oh, and he sang the Maylee Todd vocals on “Dancer” which was pretty awesome).

Here are a couple of tracks from the show. I hope you dig ’em.

* Under Attack
* Electric Avenue
* Dancer

Buy Woodhands records etc from PaperBag.