November 1, 2011

The Gertrudes launch “Till The Morning Shows Her Face To Me” Tomorrow!

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Kingston’s very own megagroup The Gertrudes are back with a brand-spanking new album called Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me. Their latest LP is an evolution of their folksy sound – there is no radical departure here but certainly they continue to grow.

While they show their wonderful raucous side right out of the gate with the stomper “Derby Girl”, the sound on the album is predominantly quite gentle. This soothing, almost contemplative sound is found across the record, particularly with the standout tracks “Six Jars”, “Flashbulbs & Catcalls” (my favourite song on the record, at the moment) and the delicate “Lonely Days” which closes out the album. There are rocking moments, too, to be sure (with “Derby Girl”, for example, or the fantastic organ & banjo jam in the middle of “Good People”), and the soulful in “Carolina” & “Passage” which feature Amanda Balsys’ powerful vocals, but, compared with Dawn Time Riot, this is a more introspective record.

The Gertrudes’ staples of vocal harmonies, multiple guitar parts, banjo, accordion, horns are all present, and the prominent addition of strings  enriches their already full sound – cello & violin are used to particularly good effect on “Summer Plans”. Built on top of the solid base provided by the group’s pair of percussionists, record’s excellent production allows layering sounds and textures without things every becoming muddy. The experimental, sci-fi sound seems to be less present on this record than in the past, but while used sparingly, it is used to great effect, adding a “je ne sais quoi” with ever feeling forced or gimmicky.

Check out “Six Jars” recorded by the amazing Southern Souls.

And stream the entire album at Exclaim.

“Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me” is being launched at the Grad Club TOMORROW NIGHT. The Gertrudes are playing with Charlotte Cornfield and tickets are only $5 so get down there for what will undoubtedly be a great show and pick up this fantastic new album. Other upcoming dates are found below. See their website for full details.

The Grad Club, Kingston, Wednesday November 2nd, 8pm
The Carden Street Cafe, Guelph, Saturday November 12th, 10pm
The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Friday December 2nd, 8pm
The Elmdale Tavern, Ottawa, Friday Dec 9th, 9pm

Their albums are released by Apple Crisp Records & can be bought through Sonic Unyon.