This site is dedicated to my experience of live music. I post recordings that I make along with interesting radio and tv sessions and occasionally reviews of albums, songs, or whatever else I like. Depending on when the recordings were made the quality can vary widely. I’ll try to let you know before hand if the sound is a bit dodgy but if it appears on the site I think it is listenable. If you think what I do is crap than you can exercise your right to not download the music.

My aim here is to promote bands, both big and small, that I dig. I want other people to dig what I dig, to go out and check the bands out live for themselves and to buy every cd, single, and limited edition vinyl that these bands produce. However, if you feel that I am going about things the wrong way and if you are the owner/represent the owner of the music posted and want it removed please contact me at bootlogger [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you want me to post about your band or event, send me free stuff, or give me great big piles of cash because you think I’m awesome then feel free to send me an email as well. I won’t promise I will post about what you send me (unless you send me money, because you would definitely earn an honourable mention for that) but I will check it out and if it tickles my fancy I will write about it.

That’s it. Enjoy.



  1. Jeff said,

    Been dowloading some of your SOOO tracks from their recent show. I caught them and Holy Fuck here in London 2 weeks ago and it was insance. It was the first time id seen SOOO and though I saw the HF is my favourite band in Canada right now SOOO show blew me and my friends away. Totally unexpected but absolutely wonderful.

    However I left before the end to go to work. And apparently they and HF did a song together. You wouldnt have that recorded or any other HF tracks by any chance would you?

    A friend of mine videod about 30 mins of their set and Id be happy to send a DVD if you got any HF audio clips – especially that ‘slow’ song they tend to close their sets with.

    Many thanks and great site!


  2. sarah said,

    i’m looking for an email address where i can contribute material you might be interested in. can you help?

  3. Virginia Clark said,

    Wow you have caught alot of the shows I promote! Do we know each other??
    I am tickled that you recommended the Musicfest….much honoured
    Virginia Clark
    Flying VProductions

  4. rgsc said,

    Hey Virginia

    I don’t think we’ve met but you’ve certainly seen me around. You bring so many awesome bands to town that I would be crazy not to attend! Keep up the good work and I will keep checking out (and being a booster for) your shows.


  5. hamza said,

    The major issue facing the recording industry is how to get paid for all the music that is being downloaded, swapped and sold online.

  6. Bruce said,

    If you could get the Samson/Fellows performances from Radio 3 last night up here, you would be my hero.
    Bruce S.

  7. Craig Moynes said,

    Final Fantasy & Cadence Weapon are on Sunday 5pm on Fuse CBCR2, just thought I would let ya know in case you wanted to record it, and you know post it 🙂

    much love 😉

  8. Daniel said,

    I love the site!
    Could you please send me the song from this post? https://bootlog.wordpress.com/2006/02/11/stars-petite-mort-7-single/

    petite mort, by stars?

  9. Craig Moynes said,

    Just wondering if you were planning on heading to the rogers concert this weekend: http://www.toronto.com/music/event/519596

    Sounds like an awesome set list, just wish I could make it. Perhaps I could help chip in for your ticket if you recorded it 😉


  10. Travis said,

    Hey man, I just gotta say…you’ve got one of the coolest sites I’ve ever stubbed my mouse against.
    I’m in South Africa and have never heard of most of these acts but damn, smart work – makes me wish I could travel to some of these shows.
    Well done, and thanks!


  11. bobby kimberley said,


    i’ve been a fan of the site for awhile, being originally from ottawa. it’s always been interesting to hear your takes on shows that have stopped by my city as well.

    anyhow – i just scored a job at sony bmg, marketing a lot of their smaller artists from north america and across the world. it’s now my job to hook up rad sites like yours with free stuff. so if you’re interested in such opportunities, send me an email (bob.kimberley@groundworksmarketing.com) and we can talk.


  12. martin said,

    Did you get anything on Tegan and Sara at Sydenham Street United Church? I completely forgot that you’d mentioned their pending arrival to me and did keep an ear out and missed the whole thing.

  13. Jer said,

    First of all, great site, keep up the good work.
    Second, I, like virg of flying v productions, wonder if we know each other. We seem to hang around the same Kingston scene, and there can only be so many of us in town into Gogol Bordello. How did I randomly find you on the internet?!

  14. rgsc said,

    Hey Jer,
    Thanks very much.
    I don’t know. You may have seen me around if you’ve been at a bunch of the same shows as you find here but I only know one Jeremy and I don’t think you are that him.
    Perhaps you’ll bump into me. I’m the dude skulking around trying to look inconspicuous and while avoiding chatty concert goers.

  15. Bryan said,

    Hey … uh … you … thanks for the comment.
    Guess I’d know more of these rising stars if I hadn’t been late getting to Wolfe Island – we were there only from Great Lake Swimmers on. I also managed to miss the Weakerthans at Elixir (dithered about buying tickets) so no Jenn Grant for me. But, at least I can feign knowledge by cribbing from your blog. 🙂
    Wintersleep – If you read between the lines, you can tell that I’m not over the moon. I like it well enough for having actual melodies, proper songs, etc. Didn’t blow me away.
    Yeah, ‘Feral Republic’ – what can I say? It would have bugged me too to not get that one. The “clue” sounded familiar to me, so I figured it was from a proper LP release, then it was simply a case of scanning inserts … Glad I could help / be a know-it-all.
    If you’re (looking above) “the dude skulking around” at least it indicates that, uh, you’re a dude (one who skulks, apparently) but yes, still very mysterious – good show. By contrast, I’d be the quiet guy who looks like he came with his mother. That comment could probably use some explaining but hey, I like a little mystery too.
    You’re welcome for the shout-out – really is a great site – music aside, the writing’s great. Glad I stumbled across it.

  16. 🙂

  17. yvonne said,

    Hi there,

    Haphazardly stumbled upon your site and I marvel at the myriad of wonderful bands you’ve introduced to me – Tokoyo Police Club, Stars, Broken Social Scene, amoung others. I see from the latest March ’08 post you’re delving into the “alt-country” category a bit. If I may, I’d like to suggest a great band in that genre, Calhoun. They can be found at myspace.com/calhoun. Give a listen, enjoy!

    Great site and please keep up the good work!

  18. Rob Beam said,

    Rock The Net: Musicians for Network Neutrality. It’s an album in support of the concept of an “open internet” in which the playing field is level and everyone has the same access to content. If large telecommunications companies have their way, the choices of what you want to see, hear and experience will be greatly limited.

    Help support the cause! Our voices must be heard. Get ROCK THE NET: MUSICIANS FOR NETWORK NEUTRALITY




  19. bikini said,

    check it out: http://www.myspace.com/bikinii

  20. JP Rose said,

    Dear B(oot)log:

    Hot Challenge is a San Francisco-based electronic/rock band that recently released the Hot Challenge EP. I would greatly appreciate it if you took a quick listen to one of Hot Challenge’s best tracks such as “Wine” or “Vacuous” at http://www.myspace.com/hotchallenge and considered reviewing or writing about the EP or Hot Challenge if you like what you hear.

    Hot Challenge’s electronic-influenced rock has garnered positive press and radio play, and the group toured regionally, headlining some of San Francisco and Los Angeles’ best venues including the Great American Music Hall and the Echo. For press, music, photos, and video, see http://www.myspace.com/hotchallenge and http://www.sonicbids.com/hotchallenge (you can download some of the tracks on sonicbids, or we would be happy to email them, and the EP is also on iTunes).

    If you would like a physical press kit with a copy of the Hot Challenge EP, just let me know and I can mail it to you. Thanks so much for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you!

    Warm Regards,

    JP Rose
    Hot Challenge
    408 497 7675

  21. Pete Stoppiello said,

    The Decemberists Jan.2006 links don’t work.
    If possible,can it be repaired?

  22. andrea said,

    Hey–love the blog…can you please provide a contact name/address so I can keep you in the loop and send you free stuff 🙂

  23. The Soiree said,

    Hi Bootlog,

    I was reading through your blog and thought you might be interested in hearing our newest release, “Minor Details”.

    You can stream it or direct people to; http://thesoiree.bandcamp.com/


    for your ipod; http://www.thesoiree.net/epk/thesoiree-minordetails.zip

    If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you.


    Matthew Arnold

    Formed in Ottawa in 2003, The Soirée is Matthew Arnold, Bryce Colenbrander, Michael Armstrong and Eric Roberts. Their debut full-length CD entitled “birds” was released in 2006, and was met with critical acclaim and national radio airplay.

    Minor Details, the band’s second full-length album, picks up on the promise of the last record and delivers an album brimming with clever musical ideas and full of catchy indie rock melodies.

    The Soirée have shared the stage with acts such as Jim Bryson, Islands, Rock Plaza Central and Elliott Brood. They have performed at the 2007 and 2008 editions of the Ottawa Bluesfest, and as part of the City of Ottawa’s Outdoor Music Series.

    “These songs stick to your ribs because they brim with the confidence of a band growing their songwriting prowess.”
    – Chris Whibbs (Exclaim Magazine)

    “…punchy without being loud and dynamic without being kitschy or tricky. If you want some solid pop-rock delivered, dial 1-800-The Soiree.”
    – Amanda Putz (CBC Radio 3)

    “…music that perfectly scores a melancholy mood where romantic indecision crushes you from all sides this should definitely be on your play list.”
    – Lisa Christiansen (CBC Radio 3)

  24. Bryan said,

    Sighting the Bootlogger has become a bit of a game for the group of us who attend shows together. I wonder if Virginia Clark has ever figured it out? Because I’m quite sure I have, though initials, process of elimination, groups, and of course sightings … The latest two being JC last night and Jill at the Empire, where you sat four rows ahead of us. Almost brought it up with VC when you were two feet away from her last night, but didn’t. You continue to do a fine job getting the word out about my favourite musicians, so thanks … Also, Virginia and I were talking last night about the possibility of an Apostle show in Belleville, something I’ve discussed with Julian Brown’s mother here and there. Do you think anyone would show? CD’s out in May and the concern with the Grad Club that Virginia has is it’s the off-season.

  25. rgsc said,

    Unmasked! That is some mighty fine detective work, Bryan.

    I am pretty sure that Virg knows who I am. I am really not all that secretive about it. Sorry that you won’t be able to play “spot the bootlogger” at shows now.

    Hadn’t seen you around these parts in a while. Glad to see you’re still lurking about.

    oooh. I am a big fan of an AoH show anywhere. Belleville is a funny place (as you well know) but I think there could be a good size crowd if the word gets out right. Depends on when and where etc etc. Let me know if it goes forward and I will do my best to spread the news because, seriously, Belleville needs more good music. Keep me posted. r

  26. ML said,

    Now that I finally remembered the address after having been given the name several times, I think you have a great site. (Obviously, I could point out rgsc in a crowd.) I bought the Shout Out Out Out release last night (it’s on iTunes, now). Thanks for the recommendation.

  27. TJ said,

    Dig the blog. Send updates. We’re a 6 piece. Suits, horns, sequin. NYC punk soul band! Limewire’s best of 2008. Under the radar for now..it’s a cash thing haha. Tryin to find some, like everyone else. We can send you downloads to post if ya dig, no problem. Bye! TJ

  28. Richard M said,

    Hello there, been looking around at various artists I like and I keep coming across you. I’ve supported Geoff Berner a couple of times in Sheffield (where I’m based). Geoff is a great writer and performer! Stunning.
    I like songs written by outsiders who sing about outsiders for outsiders! You mentioned that you put up your own songs, done a bit of search but I couldn’t see anything obvious.

  29. kyra said,

    Hi there,
    I’d like to send you our new single from our upcoming full length release. May we have an address to send to?

  30. Josh Lyon said,

    Hey – Couldn’t find an email address, so this’ll have to do!

    Just wanted to give you the heads-up – Thanks for posting the Bruce Peninsula Show with Rueben deGroot at the Mansion, Oct 15th. Thought you might be stoked to know that Entire Cities and Share are also on the bill – It’s gonna be an amazing show! Let me know if you want contact info for interviews etc. if you want to run any coverage or anything at all.

    Thanks for keeping this blog alive!

    (RdG, EC, The Gertrudes)

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