October 7, 2006

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 3 February 2005

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Photo by Paige_Eliz of Jill at her CD Release at St. Matthew’s United Church, Halifax, 30 September 2006.

I’ve featured the lovely Jill Barber in these pages before, so I trust you are all familiar with her and her wonderfulness and I shall cut right to the chase. Every time Jill graces the Grad Club stage Kingston is given a special treat. There is a familiarity and intimacy that I don’t think I’ve seen with any other artist here. It is like she is playing in your living room. Between almost every song she engages the audience, telling charming tales in hushed tones, speaking warmly of her Kingston days and giving little glimpses of her life now. Onstage, Jill is delicate but never vulnerable as she sings beautiful songs about love, loss, heartbreak and hope. She demands your attention – as you will see in the tracks below you would have been able to hear a pin drop – but you are richly rewarded for it.

This week, Jill released her first full length album “For All Time” and is touring to support her album, including her first tour in the UK and Ireland (see her Myspace to stream tracks from the new album and tour dates – she is back in Kingston November 23rd). On her new album, the wonderful lyrics and warm vocals we have grown accustomed to are accompanied by a stellar backing cast which brings vocal harmonies and rich instrumentation which borrows from blue-grass and country (ie pedal steel and mandolin) as well as the folk and jazz of her previous recordings, adding an extraordinary richness to her music. I can’t recommend Jill highly enough. Go out and see her live and get her albums. You won’t regret it.

To my fellow Canuks – Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. To everyone else – I hope you enjoy your normal two-day weekend.

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 3 February 2005

1) An old flame (intro).mp3 (0.5 MB)
2) A 7th Minor.mp3 (2.96 MB)
3) Kingston is a great city, Queen’s is not bad talk.mp3 (1.08 MB)
4) Oh Heart.mp3 (3.82 MB)
5) any questions? talk.mp3 (1.01 MB)
6) In Perfect Time.mp3 (3.4 MB)
7) a rockin’ song talk.mp3 (0.5 MB)
8 ) Broken in Two.mp3 (3.66 MB)
9) Matthew, the Grad Club, the Move, and Martini night talk.mp3 (2.53 MB)
10) Love/Death (Matthew Barber cover).mp3 (3.56 MB)
11) a gin and tonic song and Jill is not a sports fan talk.mp3 (2.21 MB)
12) Measures & Scales (edit).mp3 (3.86 MB) [the very end of this song was cut off. sorry]
13) love long distance talk.mp3 (0.6 MB)
14) Somewhere Else.mp3 (3.56 MB)
15) Nothing On Me.mp3 (4.32 MB)
16) The Move talk.mp3 (3.19 MB)
17) Starting to Show.mp3 (3.61 MB)

Buy Jill’s new cd For all Time and/or the 2004 ep Oh Heart now and you can get a Dependent Sampler (as if you needed more incentive!). Or head on over to Zunior to get high-quality downloads of the albums including the 2002 ep A Note to Follow So.

Photo of Jill at the Hillside Festival, 30 July 2006, by Easternblot.

PS: Ezarchive is going through a major update so and they have warned us that service may (i.e. most certainly will) be disrupted. So if the tracks aren’t loading please try again later. If the photos aren’t loading that is probably a good clue that the music won’t be there either. Hopefully they get things sorted out soon.


  1. Pattie said,

    I LOVE JILL BARBER!!! I LOVE JILL BARBER!!! I LOVE JILL BARBER!!! lol, sorry I simply can’t say it enough, or convey the depth of said love for Jill Barber in mere words. But sadly, though I loathe to admit it, there was a time when my love for JB wasn’t so. (gasp!). My story, ultimately, is an unfortunate one; one where you will undeniably hang your head, and with a pained expression on your face, wish to pat my back in pity.

    See, I lived in Kingston. I went to Queen’s. My time there even overlapped with Jill’s, though only for a year as my frosh year was her last. But, in all of my time in Kingston (5 years), I never – despite my love for concerts – saw Jill live. In fact, I was hardly even aware of her existence. Sure, I remember walking through Mac-Correy and JDUC and seeing posters promoting her shows, but in the grand scheme of things my knowledge of Jill Barber ultimately came down to a passing awareness that she was Matt Barber’s sister, and, oh, I think a Queen’s Alum. Oh yes, this is where the head shaking begins.

    It really wasn’t until this spring, when I had left Kingston for good, that fate intervened. I really can’t tell you what inspired it, but it was early in the summer (before I was aware of her being scheduled for Hillside) when I finally got my hands on some of her stuff from Oh Heart. I say fate intervened, of course, because until this point I had never bothered, aside from passing inquiries to my other friends, to investigate Jill’s sound. My love for Jill was immediate, thanks to ‘In Pefect Time’ and ‘A 7th Minor’. To say I was elated to see her on the Hillside bill (for which i finally had a ticket) was the understatement of the summer. Likewise, to say that her performance was my favourite of the weekend – with the exception of Cuff the Duke who always blow my mind – would also be an understatement. My love was solidified.

    And now, here we are two and a half months later. The new disc is out and I seriously haven’t stopped listening to it since I bought it – it’s that good. It’s beyong good, it’s freakin’ fantastic. I was lucky enough to see her at The Drake in Toronto for her cd release party and it was splendid. Her music is always wonderful, but I think I’m most amazed with her stage presence. She truly is a treat to see live, which is why I’ll have to make the trip back to good ol’ K-town to see her come November. I can’t imagine what it will be like to see her at the Grad Club, so small and so intimate, and where she’s so at ease with her surroundings – old stomping grounds and all. But then again, I can’t believe that I had five years worth of opportunities to see her perform there and missed every single one.

    So, I guess I should thank you for the opportunity to hear some of her stuff from the Grad Club, and to reaffirm your suggestions that others go out and see her live and buy her albums. She really is a jewel and it’s time more people knew it.

    – pattie

  2. rgsc said,

    Pattie – thank you for your wonderful comment. It is great to hear that someone else is sharing the JB love, even if yours came somewhat belatedly. I only found out about Jill, really, because an acquaintance of mine was her roommate for a time, so I had a bit of the inside knowledge that she was really great. Hopefully I’ll see you at the show in November! until then enjoy the live tracks and the new cd. It is really, really, really good. r.

  3. […] read b(oot)log with any regularity you will know that I am a fan and have featured her on more than one occassion in these pages. I don’t know what Barber is like onstage elsewhere, but at […]

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