January 21, 2009

Born Ruffians, The Grad Club, Kingston, 18 April 2008

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photo by Roboppy taken at the Bowery Ballroom, 30 January 2007.

When their full-length, “Red, Yellow & Blue”, came out last year, it proved that Born Ruffians could sustain the energy and enthusiasm they exhibited on their great EP. Sure, they took a moment here and there to relax their pace, both mid-song and across the album, but even at their slowest it seems like Luke Lalonde cannot help but let his lyrics pour from his mouth. As soon as one word forms another is hot on its heel, the yelped words propelled by the martial rumble of the drums, and the jangly guitar. It is one the albums I kept returning to again and again over the year.

Born Ruffians are returning to the Grad Club (see the end of the post for details about how to show your love for the GC!) Kingston this Friday night. I suggest you be there, lest you be square. They have a few Ontario dates coming up before heading to Australia for February and then the US in March. Check their site for full listings:

January 22nd: Algonquin, Ottawa

January 23rd: Grad Club, Kingston

January 24th: Montreal House, Peterborough

Here are a few tracks from the last time I saw them in town. They played pretty much every song off their new record and were rather great all around. This one is a bit rumbly in parts (sooner or later I will figure it out) but I hope you dig it. Older recordings can be found here and here. Enjoy.

Born Ruffians, The Grad Club, Kingston, 18 April 2008

Barnacle Goose

Foxes Mate For Life

Kurt Vonnegut


buy RYB etc.


Our good friends at CBCRadio3 are looking for the Best Live Music Club in Canada. You and I both know that it is The Grad Club. You need to let CBC know. Once a day. For the length of the contest. As they say, vote early, vote often.

Here’s the deal:

Starting today you can nominate your favourite Canadian club on our blog, or email your nomination to searchlight@cbcradio3.com. Your choice must be indoor, cater to live music, have a legal capacity of 1,000 people or less, and be operational as of today, January 21 2009.

Then, on Wednesday, January 28: long list will be announced and voting will begin at www.cbcradio3.com and the process unfolds:

• Monday, February 2: Top 20 will be announced

• Wednesday, February 11: Top 10 will be announced

• Wednesday, February 18: Top 5 will be announced

• Wednesday, February 25: Final winner will be announced.

Got it? Get out there and start nominating! Then continue to show your love and votevotevote.

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