June 17, 2007

Sarah Harmer, Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit, Grad Club, Kingston, 20 December 2006

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photo of Sarah Harmer and Bruce Cockburn by jenniedo taken at Edmonton Folk Music Festival. August 12, 2006.

It’s sorta-kinda-not really a secret that Sarah Harmer is playing a show at the Grad Club on Tuesday so don’t tell anyone I told you about it. Actually, if you are just hearing about it from me you’re probably too late to get into this ultra-intimate gig, ’cause word on the street is that it sold out last week. I am really looking forward to this show because, as loyal b(oot)log readers will know, I’m a bigbigbig Sarah Harmer fan.

I’ve gone on at length previously about how wonderful I think Harmer is so I’ll just get on with the music. The recording you will find below to get you in the mood for Tuesday’s show (or as a bit of a consolation) was recorded at the Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit – and folks, just because it isn’t Christmas time doesn’t mean that you can’t give to the Salvation Army, so give generously. Harmer was joined by special guests including the fantastic Bruce Cockburn. The great, if all too short, set which featured “Trouble in the Fields,” the first time I heard the song played live. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did. A quick note about the recording – my levels were set a shade too high so the songs get a bit rumbly when it gets loud. It isn’t too bad but just thought I’d warn you. Sorry about that. Anyway, enjoy.

Sarah Harmer, Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit, Grad Club, Kingston, 20 December 2006

1. I am Aglow
2. action packed line up (talk)
3. Christmas in Prison (John Prine cover)
4. embracing spontaneity (talk)
5. Goin’ Out
6. one of the only things out of 1982 that is a classic (talk)
7. Trouble in the Fields
8. a song of hope and expectation (talk)
9. Bruce Cockburn with Sarah Harmer – Waiting for a Miracle
10. I feel a little like Steven Tyler (talk)
11. Dandelions In Bullet Holes

You can get all Sarah Harmer’s fantastic records through her website (click the ‘online store’ tab)

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  1. colin said,

    I think I’m going to the Edmonton Folk Festival this year for Amy Millan and Buck 65

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