December 16, 2006

Weeping Tile, Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit, Kingston, 13 December 2004

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weeping tile 2003 (

From the first time I saw the video for “Cold Snap” on MuchMusic back in the mid-’90s I was hooked by Weeping Tile, although I only pickup up their three releases and really started paying attention to the band years later, after seeing Sarah Harmer live for the first time, I think. Those three Weeping Tile recordings cds now rank among my all-time favourites. I think Kingston is an all-round pretty swell place to live but during Christmas time it becomes the only place I want to be because it means that I will have the opportunity to see Weeping Tile play in their annual Salvation Army Benefit show.

For those who don’t know, Weeping Tile was a Kingston-based “alt-rock” band that made a bit of a splash in the mid-’90s. The band was originally made up of Sarah Harmer, Joe Chithalen, Gord Tough, and Chris Smirnos. Following the release of “eePee” the band’s line-up completely changed with Harmer the only original member, joined by Cam Giroux, Mary Harmer, and Luther Wright. Every year Weeping Tile reforms, gathers a bevy of local musicians onstage with them, and throws a great party in support of the Salvation Army. The shows are always a great deal of fun. The band revisits the best of Weeping Tile, as well as playing solo-material, and you are guaranteed to have a cover or two. Good times are definitely had by all.

weeping tile presskit photo

This year they are putting on two shows – on Dec. 20 & 21 – at my favourite venue, The Grad Club, and the lineups are eclectic and wonderful. I’ve seen most of the bands performing and I think it is safe to say there is a little something for everyone. Here’s the line-ups:

Wednesday Dec 20th 7:30pm all ages
Sarah Harmer
the Lady Racers
Velvet Claws
Buck Jones
Justin Bird

Thursday Dec 21st 9:30pm 19+
Luther Wright
Kyra and Tully
Chris Brown
Weeping Tile
Slaves of Spanky

Tickets, which can be found at Zap records, Destinations, and at The Grad Club and through, are going fast (the all-ages show is sold out online – you still may be able to get them at the other locations). Don’t forget, if you can’t make the show you can still give to the Sally Ann.

To get you all in the mood I am posting my recording of the 2004 show. It isn’t the greatest quality (a bit rattle-y at times) but still very listenable and highly enjoyable. Or at least I think so. From a post on (now defunct?) it looks like there may be another, possibly better, recording out there. I would be much obliged if anyone who has one would share it with me (are there any other Weeping Tile bootlegs out there?). Lastly, I don’t know the titles of two songs in the set. They seem so familiar (perhaps because I have listened to this tape a hundred times) but I have never been able to place them. Can anyone help me out? That’s it. Hope you enjoy this recording and maybe I’ll see you at the shows.

Weeping Tile, Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit, AJs Hanger, Kingston, 13 December 2004

1. I’m Late.mp3
2. makin’ it look & sound better (talk).mp3
3. Good Fortune.mp3
4. South of Me.mp3
5. Weakened State.mp3
6. Took It All.mp3
7. Anyone.mp3
8. the freedom capo (talk).mp3
9. King Lion.mp3
10. UFO Rosie.mp3
11. this one is in G (talk).mp3
12. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) (Ramones cover).mp3
13. Inspiration Mission.mp3
14. Julie will come and play, patchcord and thanks (talk).mp3
15. Every Good Story (split).mp3 [I missed a bit in the middle as I switched tapes]
16. singers required (talk).mp3
17. Love Will Buy You a Plane Ticket.mp3
18. top of the season (talk).mp3
19. Country Home.mp3
20. anytime is a good time to donate to the Salvation Army (talk).mp3
21. Caught me on the Camera (title?).mp3
22. Not letting go (title?).mp3
23. need you to dance (talk).mp3
24. Hey Ya (Outkast cover).mp3
25. how do you follow that? (talk).mp3
26. Cold Snap.mp3
27. singalong (talk).mp3
28. Across the Universe (Beatles cover).mp3

Buy Weeping Tile’s cds and get your ticket to the Benefit while you still can.


  1. Tom said,

    I was at that show!
    Thanks for posting it~!

  2. Bill said,

    Have they stopped doing these WT shows?

  3. rgsc said,

    Nope. They did one last thursday. Last year there was a winter relief show but Sarah Harmer wasn’t there, so no WeepingTile. But pretty much for the last 12-14 years they have done a show, including this year.

  4. […] as the Salvation Army Benefit. In this yearly tradition (see my write-up on the Weeping Tile set from 2004 – here), a whole slew of bands get together for a good cause (give generously!) and a great deal of fun is […]

  5. Matt said,

    Wow – thanks so very much – just came across this and so happy to see it. I drove up from Milwaukee, WI for this show and it was simply fantastic. Again, thanks….

  6. […] are some highlights from the Weeping Tile sets from the 2004 and 2006 shows. Enjoy & happy […]

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