November 10, 2006

Sarah Harmer, Grant Hall, Kingston, 22 October 2006, part 2

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I think you’ve waited long enough for the second half of the Sarah Harmer set. Same as before – lovely, lovely, lovely (with a touch of tape hiss). In this instalment, Sarah breaks out her Weakerthans cover and Spenser comes onstage without his shirt on. Much hilarity ensues. I missed the end of The Phoenix and all of “Goin’ Out” because I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Sorry about that. They sang “How Deep in the Valley” without mics so the sound is extra-low but trust me, it is pretty fantastic in person. Sarah dedicated “You Were Here” to Joe and you should all give as much as you can to the Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library. Speaking of great causes, have you signed up to support the tree yet? What about PERL? Support these things, not just because you are a rabid fanboy/girl (although any excuse will do) but because they are all worthy. In fact, I’m not going to let you download the second half of the set until you donate to one or all. Did you? Good. You can now go ahead and download away.

Sarah Harmer, Grant Hall, Kingston, 22 October 2006

19) 1st time at AJ’s talk.mp3
20) Coffee Stain.mp3
21) didn’t play this song last time talk.mp3
22) Left and Leaving (Weakerthans cover).mp3
23) Spencer surprises us all talk.mp3
24) Salamandre.mp3
25) The Hideout.mp3
26) Almost.mp3
27) BSS talk.mp3
28 ) Escarpment Blues.mp3
29) This one’s for Joe talk.mp3
30) You Were Here.mp3
31) Silver Road.mp3
32) locked myself in a car talk.mp3
33) The Phoenix (end cut off).mp3
34) I’m a Mountain.mp3
35) Lodestar.mp3
36) How Deep in the Valley.mp3

You can (and should) still buy SH stuff here.


  1. josh said,

    hey thanks i really like the weakerthans cover.

  2. Alie said,

    Thanks for this! I was at that show, and I couldn’t get over how incredible she and the band were. Her voice is absolute perfection and everything about that show was just great. I just finished listening to the last CBC Radio 3 brodcast [before it switches to satellite] and George K. Samson played the last official song on the show, live, and it was Left and Leaving. So this song has even more meaning now.

    I recorded just about the whole show [on video], so here are the three videos I have up so far. Each one has two songs in it. And I still have quite a bit more footage that I haven’t put up yet…



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