November 1, 2006

i (heart) lists

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Matthew of i (heart) music fame has done a great job polling bloggers, journalists, djs and other insiders and outsiders from the music scene in Canada about who they think are the 33 hottest musicians and bands of 2006. There are some surprises, some discoveries and some comments which make me want to revisit a few things I hadn’t paid too close attention too. All in all it is a pretty great list and I think it does quite a good job of representing the diversity of music being produced in the country (although it is apparent the list is predominantly filled with ‘indie’ rock bands – please don’t leave an angry comment stating that the glorious new wave of bluegrass stars or whatever have been unjustly overlooked by the panel. Next time you submit a top ten). So head on over there and check it out. Feel free to agree or disagree as you like but certainly give some time to read the comments and check out some really great bands.

I was asked to submit my top ten and, as you will see from my list below, it betrays my subjective listening habits and preferences. Looking at the top 33 there are a few bands that I would liked to have included on my list but I didn’t listen their albums enough or hadn’t seen them live so I had nothing to base my opinions on. You will notice that of my 10 all but two ended up on the i(heart)music top ten, with MSTRKRFT breaking the top 33 and only Jill Barber not making the final cut. Did I really put Destroyer below SOOOO? Hmm. upon reflection that doesn’t seem quite right. Anyway, here it is, my top 10 hottest Canadian Bands:

10) Jill Barber


8 ) Malajube

7) Tokyo Police Club

6) Destroyer

5) Shout Out Out Out Out

4) Broken Social Scene

3) Sunset Rubdown

2) Islands

1) Final Fantasy

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  1. Roland said,

    Yeah, that list was quite an eye-opener. I thought I knew a fair amount about Canadian indie-ness…apparently not so much. I’ll definitely check out all the unfamiliar faces!

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