June 3, 2006

Martha Wainwright, NPR-9:30 Club, Washington, April 10, 2006/BBC6, 25 May 2006

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Photo from the 9:30 Club by Joel Didrikson, Kingpin Photography

I know scandalously little about Martha Wainwright. My knowledge of her can be summed up in the following points:

*She is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

*She is a part of a musical dynasty – her parents, aunt, and brother are all wonderful musicians (as are other assorted relations, with whom she frequently performs)

*She has a lovely song with a surprisingly potty-mouthed title – "B.M.F.A." from the NPR set's actual title is "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole."

*She played in April at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. (opening for Neko Case), and the fine folks at NPR recorded it. And about an month later she had a studio session and lengthy interview with Tom Robinson on BBC6.

*She is one helluva singer and I should investigate her further.

Tom Robinson's Evening Sequence, BBC6, 25 May 2006

1) Interview Part 1.mp3 (2.95 MB) (Martha on Morrissey, touring and tourmates)
2) So Many Friends.mp3 (3.16 MB)
3) Interview Part 2.mp3 (5.34 MB) [Martha on songwriting, the family, tough folkies, dead air, the single unsuitable for broadcast, and Snow Patrol]
['Set The Fire To The Third Bar' by Snow Patrol, feat. Martha Wainwright was played here]
4) Interview Part 3.mp3 (3.01) [Martha talks some more about Snow Patrol collaboration, tour dates, Rufus
5) Factory.mp3 (3.63 MB)
6) Interview Part 4.mp3 (1.45 MB) [On the tour, the album, and on a new album]

NPR, All Songs Considered/9:30 Club in Washington, D.C, April 10, 2006
1) Factory.mp3 (4.02 MB)
2) When the Day is Short.mp3 (3.12 MB)
3) Far Away.mp3 (3.52 MB)
4) Martha apologizes and talks about playing the same songs.mp3 (0.9 MB)
5) So Many Friends.mp3 (3.62 MB)
6) Ball and Chain.mp3 (3.06 MB)
7) Comin' Tonight.mp3 (2.8 MB) [Update: the title, according to the RW_Fan at Rutopia]
8) This Life.mp3 (4.76 MB)
9) end of tour talk.mp3 (0.6 MB)
["Don't Forget" is listed in the set list but doesn't seem to have been played]
10) B.M.F.A..mp3 (3.3 MB)

Buy her album at NPR.


  1. e. said,

    thank you so much for posting this! Martha’s album is really amazing; i highly recommend it.

  2. Erwin said,

    Thanks a lot!

  3. L said,

    Thanks for this – and thanks for keeping it active on your site. Great stuff.

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