May 21, 2011

The Provincial Archive, The Mansion, Kingston, 10 August 2010

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Provincial Archive - 14 May 2011 by Robert Szkolnick

The Provincial Archive playing The Provincial Archives of Manitoba, 14 May 2011 (photo by Robert Szkolnick)

Hello my friends,

It has been much too long. I haven’t forgotten about you but I have had less time to devote to b(oot)log. I imagine things will pick up as Wolfe Island Music Fest is fast approaching — get your earlybird tickets now!.

Before we get to talking about that, I thought I’d shake off the cobwebs by talking about a band who is playing The Mansion TONIGHT (May 21st) – The Provincial Archive.

This Edmonton band plays carefully crafted songs that are filled with literate lyrics. There is a indie folk sound to their music but they enrich it with electronic textures and careful use of keyboards, harmonium, banjo, sleigh bells etc which create a perfect atmosphere to accompany the intimate lyrics. They gently pace their songs, drawing you in with the words that feel like they are being softly spoken to you and then, at the right moment, the music rises, punctuating the sentiment.

The band is in the middle of their wonderfully appropriate “The Provincial Archive in The Provincial Archives” tour which is going across Canada and back. Be sure to catch them if they come to your town – particularly if they are visiting your local archives. Full dates/details can be found on their site.

May 21  | Kingston, ON | The Mansion 
May 23  | Montreal, QC | Casa Del Popolo (w/ Charlotte Cornfield)
May 24 | Quebec City, QC | TBA
May 25  | Fredericton, NB | The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
May 26 | Saint John, NB | The Sunstar Lounge More
May 27  | Moncton, NB | Plan B Lounge
May 28  | Halifax, NS | Nova Scotia Archives
May 30  | St. John’s, NL | The Rooms Provincial Archives
May 31 | Charlottetown, PEI | Baba’s Lounge More
June 1  | Qubec, QC | L’agitée
June 2  | Ottawa, ON | Zaphod Beeblebrox
June 3 | Wakefield, ON | Kaffe 1870
June 4  | Sault Ste. Marie, ON | Loplop Lounge & Gallery
June 5 | Thunder Bay, ON | Crocks
June 6 | Winnipeg, MB | The Lo Pub
June 7  | Regina, SK | Saskatchewan Archives Board (Private Performance)
June 7  | Regina, SK | The Exchange, Presented by The Saskatchewan Archives Board
June 9 | Calgary, AB | Broken City
June 10  | Kelowna, BC | TBA
June 11 | Vancouver, BC | Railway Club
June 12  | Victoria, BC | The British Columbia Archives

They played a lovely (if sparsely attended) show at The Mansion last summer. Despite facing a series of unfortunate events leading up to their show, they played a tight set drawing from their two LPs.  Here’s my recording of it. Enjoy & be sure to get out there and see them live for yourself.

The Provincial Archive, The Mansion, Kingston, 10 August 2010

1. a real sad story (talk)
2. Art Museums and Tourist Traps
3. Wait and Sea
4. Acquaintances And Lovers
5. stolen passport (talk)
6. Draw an Outline
7. Stammered Words
8. switchspots (talk)
9. I’m a Believer!
10. bear arms (talk)
11. On The Literate
12. one hundred copies (talk)
13. Trading Thrills

Pick up their two great albums from the band or digitally from Zunior.

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