February 1, 2011

Julie Doiron, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 March 2009

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(Photo taken by kcnickerson at Sappyfest 2010. )

Julie Doiron‘s songs are like short stories: small gestures filled with emotion. Quick and to the point, they are devoid of  filler, and they rapidly immerse you into their world.  Her songs are given power by their brevity.  They provide dark glimpses into a life where regret, longing, and desire are expressed – at times quietly, at times amplified by rage and desperation. Light shines through, though, at times, and memories of moments of tenderness and contentment help to make the dark times bearable. Whether she is singing about intensely private matters (heartbreak) or the simply comforts (returning home after an absence) Julie Doiron’s compact narratives are always engaging and affecting.

Here are a few songs from the last time Doiron played the Grad Club. She played most of her fantastic album “I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day” along with a bunch of older songs and Fred Squire took the mic for three songs. It was a really fantastic, intimate set. I have no doubt tonight’s show will be just as good. Last I heard, tickets were still available (although probably not online anymore). Find upcoming dates on her site:

02/01/11 Kingston, Grad Club
02/02/11 Peterborough,Red Dog
02/03/11 Toronto, Horseshoe Tavern
02/04/11  Ottawa, Mavericks
02/05/11  Montreal, Il Motore
02/08/11  Hamilton, The Casbah

Julie Doiron, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 March 2009

* Spill Yer Lungs
* Consolation Prize
* The Wrong Guy / No More
* Borrowed Minivans
* Last Night
* Dance All Night

Buy from MapleMusic / Jagjaguwar / Zunior

A lovely track from Little Scream who will be opening (from “The Golden Record” – to be released April 12th, 2011 by Outside Music)

* Little Scream, The Heron and the Fox

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