December 21, 2010

Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit TONIGHT at Zappa’s Lounge

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Just a reminder that this year’s Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit is taking place TONIGHT at Zappa’s Lounge. Get out there and enjoy the best thing about Kingston in December.

Last year’s event was a little different than previous years – new venue & two shows – but it featured all the things you come to expect from a Winter Relief Benefit after 15 years: great local musicians, cover songs, folks hopping onstage to give a helping hand when needed, and good times had by all. I attended the early show which did not have a proper Weeping Tile set, but Sarah Harmer did treat us to a nice selection of (mostly cover) songs. She started off with the absolutely lovely “Huron Carol” – which dates back, amazingly, to 1643.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Sarah Harmer, Salvation Army Winter Relief Benefit, The Mansion, 22 December 2009 (early show)

* Huron Carol
* I am Aglow
* Christmas in Prison (John Prine cover)
* Gone for Good (Shines cover)
* Fairy Tale of New York (w/ Chris Kelly)

Buy Sarah Harmer’s records.

Donate to the Salvation Army.

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  1. LD said,

    This is a huge treat. Thanks for these live tunes from S.H.

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