September 17, 2010

Shows! Forest City Lovers at the Grad Club -18 Sept (and repost of a 2007 set)

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In the three years since I last saw them, Forest City Lovers have put out two outstanding albums – including the amazing Carriage this summer – and grown in confidence, charm, and loveliness. It is hard to imagine them being any more charming or lovely than they were on the cold January day in 2007 but it is true.

Since its release, I have listened to Carriage on repeat for hours at a time. It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite records from this year. A few of the songs were familiar (from the 7″ & from Friends in Bellwoods 2) but they have been rerecorded for the album and, with their added textures and flourishes, have become new again. It is so wonderfully easy to get lost in Kat Burns’ voice.

Throughout the album the rich vocals are supported by warm strings and precise percussion, and are accented by wonderful organ/synth lines, perfectly timed glockenspiel, horn, and other touches which makes for an extremely rewarding listening experience. On Carriage, the Lovers are equally assured with the slow and introspective as with the bouncy pop – their dark moments give way to the joyful, often with a wry smile. Throughout the record they masterfully control the tempo and tone taking listeners on a marvelous journey – one which you will  want to take over and over again.

The band is on tour and will be hitting the Raw Sugar Cafe in Ottawa TONIGHT and the Grad Club in Kingston TOMORROW NIGHT. There are still tickets available for the Kingston show and I strongly recommend you check them out. Tour dates below (and be sure to check their site for full listings)

17/09/10 Ottawa, Raw Sugar Cafe
18/09/10 Kingston, The Grad Club
22/09/10 Guelph, Ebar
23/09/10 St. Catharines, The Mansion House
24/09/10 London, Alex P. Keaton    (w/Bruce Peninsula)
25/09/10 Waterloo, Grist Mill
21/10/10 Halifax, The Foggy Goggle
21/10/10 Halifax, CKDU
05/11/10 Toronto, The Horseshoe Tavern
10/11/10 Rochester, The Bugjar
12/11/10 Brooklyn, Union Hal
13/11/10 Binghamton/Vestal, The Undergrounds

Here is a set I recorded over 3 years ago (originally posted here) but which still sounds as great now as it did then.

Forest City Lovers, The Artel, Kingston, 26 January 2007

1. Doorsteps
2. Oh Humility
3. we like playing small, intimate shows (talk)
4. In Flight
5. my brother’s in the audience (talk)
6. Song For Morrie
7. he knows how a tambourine works (talk)
8. Don’t Go, Please
9. Waiting by the Fence
10. interesting Kingston stories (talk)
11. Ocean (title?) [update: i was way off – the title is “Country Road”]
12. Randy’s hair (talk)
13. Monsters
14. play your bass (talk)
15. Castles
16. say “oobie doobie” a bunch of times (talk)
17. Scared of Time
18. one more (talk)
19. take it slow (title?) [update – the title is “At the Border”]

Buy Carriage from GalleryAC & previous records & buttons & shirts here.

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  1. LD said,

    Wow, some of these tunes are really lovely – I like them better than the record samples I heard. Thanks so much for all the time to prepare and post these. Fantastic of you.

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