May 5, 2010

New Mixylodian – “Wild in Church”

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I am a jerk. Ages ago (March 31, 2008, to be exact), Montreal’s Mike Wray of Mixylodian sent me a message with their amazing K ep. I said I would get a post up about it – I even drafted some text – but for some reason I never finished it. I couldn’t find the time or the words or something.

I love the ep. I became an evangelist for it: recommending it to anyone who would listen but never posted about it here. Hopefully I will make up for my previous jerkiness here by telling you all about Mixylodian’s new full length Wild in Church which was just released on May 1st.

The album is filled with astounding imagery and warm synths. The album starts with a stunner called “Make Me” featuring stellar female vocals (I am not sure who sings them – 5 lady vocalists are listed as part of the band on the fbpage) and then settles into a series of glistening pop songs with interspersed of recordings of Wray as a child.

Having fairly gently warmed us up with the first half of the record things really take off in the second half. ” “UFO Road” returns to the breakneck pace found on the amazing K ep and then moves effortlessly into the slinky “The Girl in the Apartment Downstairs”. It is pure gold from there out.

Mixylodian have already had two shows promoting their new album (again I am late…) but will be playing London, ON at EVAC on May 9th and Montreal’s Il Motore on June 4th. Hopefully more dates will be announced in the near future (check their myspace page for more info).

Here are a couple of songs for you:
* Make Me (off “Wild in Chuch” – stream it here)
* Pretty Little Spell (off K ep – stream it here)

Head over to the Mixylodian page to buy the new Wild in Church along with the K ep digitally (no word yet on physical cds). I also recommend you pick up the Mixylodian/Aleks & the Ramps split 7″ which can be bought here.

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