May 3, 2010

The Luyas, Sydenham St. United Church, Kingston, 2 February 2010

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photo by from 2008 (in Montreal?)

It has been a while, my friends. My once a week or more posting has been reduced to less than once a month. As the summer with all its rocknroll goodness hits I hope to have time to post again. I thought I’d come out of hibernation with something that seems fitting. Something that makes me open my eyes and shake out the cobwebs.

With the Luyas I cannot remain still or dispassionate. Their vibrancy and urgency makes me perk up and pay attention. Their uniqueness  is startling. They do not paint by numbers. Their layered complex sounds – distorted and feedback filled guitars, frenchhorn, percussion that alternatively tinkles and blasts – as a perfect bedrock for Jesse Stein’s amazing vocals. Prior to seeing the Luyas in February, where they opened for Basia Bulat, I tried to describe the vocals to someone who had not heard the Luyas before. The best I could come up with is “naive but knowing.” On the surface there seems to be an innocence to the vocals, but upon listening, you soon realize that the emotion conveyed can only come from someone with an understanding of complex, intense things.

The Luyas provide an aural experience unlike anything else I have heard. They lead you willingly on a trip into the unknown. And they have literally been taking small audiences by the hand, leading them blindfolded to secret spaces to play (see the description of the Montreal show in McSweeneys and the NYC show from Brooklyn Vegan). I have not been fortunate enough to experience this myself, but listening to the recording below while reading the evocative article on the Montreal show by Sean of StG leaves no doubt in my mind how special these events would be.

The Luyas have a few shows coming up in Ontario and then out east at the end of May starting TOMORROW NIGHT in Brantford at The Ford Plant. I highly  recommend you see them if you have the chance. I don’t think any of these shows will involve blindfolds, but you may just want to close your eyes and allow the Luyas to take you to wonderful places with their music.

For full show dates see their site/space.

4 May 2010 The Ford Plant, Brantford
5 May 2010 Trepid House, Waterloo
6 May 2010 The Drake, Toronto
7 May 2010  raw sugar, Ottawa
23 May 2010 North Street Church, Halifax

Here are a few tracks from the wonderful show in February. Enjoy.

The Luyas, Sydenham St. United Church, Kingston 2 February 2010

* Tiny Head
* Dumb Blood
* Pietro walks (talk)
* Pietro’s Walk” I Need Mirrors

I understand that they have a new record ready but I have no information about release dates at this time. Until the new one comes, buy (and listen on repeat) the amazing Faker Death – available from Outside (physical) or from Zunior (digital – only $5.55!).


  1. j l s said,

    hey man
    that songs called “I need mirrors”

  2. rgsc said,

    Thanks for the info, Jessie. It is such a great song. I hope your minitour got off to a great start.

  3. Craig said,

    Glad to see you back, and with a great set. thanks!

  4. […] Luyas perform – they were haunting a stunning church. I have put some of the tracks online previously, but here is the full set. Enjoy. [Oops. I don't have all the files on this computer. Here is the […]

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