February 24, 2010

The Gertrudes & PS I Love You – “Sailor”

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Great things are afoot in Kingston, my friends. Take, for example, the news that The Gertrudes, PS I Love You, Bruce Peninsula, and Muskox have teamed up for a split 7″ record. BP and Muskox are tagteaming a new version of “Shanty Song” and the two Apple Crisp bands have joined forces for the epic, gorgeous, haunting “Sailor.”

There is a great deal going on in this song but the perfect mix ensures that none of the carefully orchestrated pieces are lost. The Gertrudes’ stunningly beautiful vocals, flourishes of mandolin and strings, perfectly timed brass punctuating the half-way mark, and the “je ne se quois” of the theremin all combine organically with PS I Love You’s shredding. The ballad explodes in the last minute and a half into a swirling, passionate conclusion.

Hear it for yourself here:

* The Gertrudes & PS I Love You – Sailor

You will be able to buy the record at the Apple Crisp Music Fest which is happening at venues around Kingston from March 12th-25th. The Gertrudes will be performing with Charles Spearin’s Happiness Project on March 13th at Chalmers United Church. Like most of the shows, it is All Ages and Free. Details of ACMF2010 will be announced at the end of the week and I shall fill you in on all the great events coming your way.

For those not in town, you can get The Gertrudes’ eps from Zunior.

While I have your attention, have you ordered the new 7″ from the legendary PS I Love You? Seriously, they are blowing up P4K. It is released on March 15th. You can preorder it from Thing Itself Records.

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