February 5, 2010

CFRC Funding Drive 2010!

Posted in mumbling at 10:27 am by rgsc

Hey folks,

It is that time of year again when your friendly campus and community radio station in Kingston, CFRC 101.9 fm,  asks you to open your wallet to support them. Their funding drive runs for 10 days (Feb 5th-14th) this year and they are aiming to raise $25000. Please give a little or give a lot to support this amazing Kingston institutions. You can donate online or pledge by phone at 613-533-2372. You can get yrself a tax receipt or great gifts including awesome long-sleeve shirts and totebags, cds, and/or gift certificates from wicked local sponsors like Novel Idea and Minotaur to name just two.

They have all sorts of rad events planned, including:

-Attack in Black & $100 @ Mansion, Feb.6
-DaZoque! @ Mansion, Feb.6
-Craft Fair @ Wellington St. Theatre, Feb.7
-QUIC Coffee House @ CoGro, Feb.9
-A Windy Radio Drama @ Wallace Hall, Feb.10
-This is Our Music (ft. featuring Music Maul, PS I Love You, Owl Farm, False Face and The Gertrudes.) @ Time to Laugh, Feb.11
-Henri Faberge @ Mansion, Feb.13
-Soul Shakedown @ Time to Laugh, Feb.13

Check out the Funding Drive Events page for more details.

I plan on getting up some $100 from WIMF to get you excited by Saturday’s show, but until then here are two tracks I’ve previously posted:

$100, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 March 2009

*$100 – No Great Leap
*$100 – 14th Floor

Get out to the great events and donate to CFRC online or by phone (613-533-2372).

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