October 2, 2009

Shows! Cuff the Duke tonight, Amy Millan tomorrow

Posted in bootleg, mp3, mumbling at 12:16 pm by rgsc

Hey folks,

A quick post to share with you a couple of songs from this big weekend of music at the Grad Club in Kingston. On Friday night Cuff the Duke is playing and then on Saturday Amy Millan is taking over the smallest but best stage around.

As is expected, both shows are sold out but there will be a few tickets available at the door. So if you want to go to one or both (you do, trust me) get there early so you aren’t stuck out in the cold, standing in the bushes with your face pressed up against the glass.

Both Amy Millan and Cuff the Duke have new albums out (“Masters of the Burial” and “Way Down Here“, respectively). I have only heard snippets of them but I must say I likes what I hears – and I am a big fan of both their previous work. You should pick the records up for yourself – get Millan’s at Arts&Crafts and Cuff the Duke’s from the band directly.

And, here are a few live tracks because I know that’s what you are really looking for.

* Jenny Whiteley & Amy Millan, Baby I, (recorded at the Sydenham St. United Church, 25 November 2008)

* Cuff the Duke, Ballad Of A Lonely Construction Worker, (recorded at the Grad Club, 21 November 2007)

Enjoy and get yrself out there for some great music this weekend.

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