August 5, 2009

The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Artel, Kingston, 16 February 2008 (full set)

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photo taken at the Gladstone by Marc Hodges.

The 2009 Wolfe Island Music Fest is only a few days away now. You are undoubtedly already excited about the whole thing but I figured I’d try to get one or two more posts about bands that are going to be performing.

In an all-’round strong line up, The Rural Alberta Advantage are one of the strongest bands who are only getting more and more notice. I first posted about them in July of 2008. Here’s what I said previously:

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a smashing Canada Day. To celebrate I’m going to give a quick shout out to a great, Canadian band, The Rural Alberta Advantage, who shared the bill with Entire Cities at The Artel. Going into this show I had a passing familiarity with The RAA – I’d heard a song or two – but hadn’t investigated them in any serious way. Man, I was missing out. They are top-to-bottom amazing on record and live. The RAA feature powerful lyrics & delivery by Nils Edenloff; flawless, frenetic drumming by Paul Banwatt (who was pulling a double-shift as he played with EC earlier); and sublime backing vocals and killer glock work by Amy Cole. They kept up an amazing pace, blasting through the better part of the stellar album Hometowns. The album is dark and sweet and evocative and very very wonderful. They don’t look to be on tour at the moment but be sure to catch them if you have the chance. As usual, here are a few songs from their set in february. Enjoy.

All that remains true. Since that show in February I’ve had their astounding “Hometowns” on heavy rotation and am very excited to see them live again. Speaking of live, they have a bunch of dates in the US and Canada coming up (check their site/space for full listings), including :

5 Aug 2009 – The Middle East Cafe [Upstairs], Cambridge, MA
6 Aug 2009 – Mavericks, Ottawa
8 Aug 2009 – Wolfe Island Musicfest, Wolfe Island
20 Aug 2009 – The Intersection [Front Lounge], Grand Rapids, MI
21 Aug 2009 – WMSE Radio Summer Camp @ Cactus Club, Milwaukee
22 Aug 2009 – Memorial Union Terrace, Univ of Wisconsin, Madison
24 Aug 2009 – Pritzker Pavilion [AA], Chicago
25 Aug 2009 – Bear’s Place, Bloomington, Indiana
27 Aug 2009 – Rubble’s Bar, Mount Pleasant, MI
29 Aug 2009 – V-Fest Ontario, Oro-Medonte, Ontario

So get out there and see them, especially this weekend at the Wolfe Island Music Fest (tickets available online and around town).

I only posted a few highlights from the show previously. Here is the full set for your listening pleasure.

The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Artel, Kingston, 16 February 2008

1. let’s get it started (talk)
2. The Ballad of the RAA
3. Rush Apart
4. ah whatever (talk)
5. Don’t Haunt This Place
6. cds (talk)
7. Luciana
8. from Alberta (talk)
9. Frank, AB
10. The Air
11. Sleep All Day
12. very nice (talk)
13. Four Night Rider
14. Edmonton
15. In the Summertime
16. tension in the band (talk)
17. The Dethbridge in Lethbridge
18. last song (talk)
19. Goodnight
20. louder ones (talk)
21. Drain The Blood

Check out the setlist at Lists, Plans.

Buy the re-released record from the band (CD) or via SaddleCreek (CD, LP, MP3).


  1. dnl said,


  2. Jamie said,

    I’m getting 404 errors with these links. 😦 Am I doing something wrong?

  3. rgsc said,

    oops. I forgot the all important “.mp3” extension when pasting in the file links. They should be all fixed now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    Cheers & enjoy. r

  4. Ian said,

    Hey, are there Facebook chat noises on Goodnight or is it just my imagination? That sucks, since that’s the best recording of that song that they ONLY do live I’ve heard aside from the “bloop”. Any chance of a clean copy?

  5. rgsc said,

    Hey Ian,
    I just listened twice to the copy of the song I have on my cpu here and it sounded fine – a bit of hiss as I had to amplify the track quite a bit (they sing the song with no mics) and a few little “tocks” as someone bumped into my mic about the 1min mark. I have no idea where the “facebook chat noises” might be.
    I will listen to the online version tonight to see if there is something wrong with the file and, if so, I will reupload it.

  6. Ian said,

    A few examples are at 0:06, 0:54, 0:57.

    It might just be the mic tocks that you’re referring to. It sounds a damn lot like the annoying noise Facebook makes with it’s chat. I was just about positive that’s what it was, but you might be right and it could just be environmental and more pronounced because of the amplification.

    The one at 6 seconds is the most isolated and easy to define as what I’m referring to. Either way, everything sounds great and thank you!

  7. gagan said,

    aritel is bad compny

  8. Craig Moynes said,

    This has been siting on my harddrive since you posted it originally I think and it just came up on my random play list. Following my near obsession with the RAA the last two months. Thanks so much for this!

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