July 23, 2009

$100, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 March 2009

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photo taken in Peterborough in December 2008 by MissGillian.

There is just a shade over two weeks until this year’s Wolfe Island Music Fest. The line up (found here with set times) is pretty sweet and getting sweeter with the addition of Winter Gloves and the band I want to talk about today, $100.

This Toronto band made quite an impression with the release of the powerful Forest of Tears. As amazing as their recorded output is (and it is fantastic – I wouldn’t have been surprised if it made the Polaris Shortlist… if the short list hadn’t been kinda odd and..um..safe) the band really shines onstage. I’ve seen them twice now – as a full band as part of Fucked Up’s Halloween series of shows last year in Toronto and this show at the Grad Club where they performed as a three-piece – and both times I was astounded by the passion and emotion being conveyed.

This is gritty, raw stuff. Over a very traditional country sound, delivered by a group of astounding musicians, vocalist Simone Schmidt conveys tales of the marginalized, the powerless, and the dejected with a voice that swings easily from world-weary and vulnerable to defiant and powerful. As beautiful as it is heartrending, this is a voice that has been through it all but as survived.

They have a ton of dates coming up – including WIMF on August 8th and then they are back with Carolyn Mark at The Mansion on the 17th. Be sure to check them out if you can. Full details on their myspace.

23 Jul 2009 Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY
25 Jul 2009 Bovina Hangtender, Bovina, NY
27 Jul 2009 Plan B, Moncton
28 Jul 2009 Capital w/ BA JOHNSTON, Fredericton
29 Jul 2009 Ampersand Cafe with BA Johsnton, All AGES!     Charlottetown
29 Jul 2009 Alibi w/ Barnkats, New Royalty, BA Johnston, Charlottetown
30 Jul 2009 Gus Pub, Halifax
1 Aug 2009 SappyFEST, Sackville
8 Aug 2009 Wolfe Island Music Festival, Kingstonish
15 Aug 2009 Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic, Aylmer
And, As Duet with Carolyn Mark & Sunbear
17 Aug 2009 The Living Room, Kingston
18 Aug 2009 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
19 Aug 2009 Horseshoe Tavernk, Toronto
20 Aug 2009 the Starlight, Waterloo
21 Aug 2009 Oshawa
22 Aug 2009 The Casbah, Hamilton
23 Aug 2009 Van Gogh’s Ear, Guelph

and here are a few live tracks for your listening pleasure.

$100, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 March 2009

* No Great Leap
* 14th Floor
* Careless Love

Buy Forest of Tears from Zunior & be sure to get the first of the Regional 7″ from Blocks/The Blue House and get your tickets for WIMF here.

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