May 25, 2009

Apostle of Hustle, Grad Club, Kingston, 19 September 2008

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Hello Pretties. I’ve been ignoring you, I know, but life sometimes gets in the way and ye olde b(oot)log gets put on the back burner. But it’s quality, not quantity, right? And I think I have something of rather great quality for you today.

Last Tuesday b(oot)log fav’s Apostle of Hustle released their new record, Eats Darkness, and they are stopping by on wednesday at the home of the most glorious patio for beer drinking in the whole of kingston, The Grad Club, on Wednesday. I’ll be there and I think you should come on by, too, ’cause its gonna be a hothothot show.

From my few listens of the album (stream the album on the AoH myspace), Eats Darkness is a bit of a departure in sound for Whiteman & co. I must admit to being kinda thrown by the interludes that pop up throughout the album, with bits of spoken word that have been manipulated (yes, I do believe that is William S. Burroughs you hear in “Nobody Bought It”) but the songs hold up. Not as expansive as in previous outings, perhaps, and a little lighter on the cubano, which I love so very much, but with amazing moments nevertheless, ‘Eazy Speaks,’ ‘Perfect Fit’, and ‘Blackberry’ all sitting comfortably among the best of AoH’s earlier material.

Apostle of Hustle are finishing their Canadian jaunt celebrating the release of their record. Remaining tour dates in Canada below & then they are off to the US (check out their site/space for more details):

5/27/09 – Kingston, ON @ The Grad Club
5/29/09 – Toronto, ON @ The Music Gallery
5/30/09 – Waterloo, ON @ Starlight Room

Also, AoH will be a part of the amazing, wonderful, spectacularly awesome Wolfe Island Music Fest (August 8). Woot! To get you all ready, here’s my recording of their last visit to the Grad Club where AoH busted out a bunch of tunes of the record which they just finished recording as well as a heap other, older, tunes. Enjoy & see you on Wednesday.

Apostle of Hustle, Grad Club, Kingston, 19 September 2008

1. Xerses
2. new songs (talk)
3. National Anthem of Nowhere
4. Perfect Fit
5. recorded music pretty much should be free (talk)
6. Blackberry
7. professional screamer (talk)
8. Song For Lorca
9. Chances Are
10. My Sword Hand’s Anger
11. Stephen Harper’s hair (talk)
12. How to Defeat a More Powerful Enemy
13. Folkloric Feel
14. homage to a great poet (talk)
15. Eazy Speaks
16. get him out (talk)
17. Fast Pony for Victor Jara
18. Kings & Queens
19. Cheap Like Sebastien
20. give it up (talk)
21. Baby, You’re In Luck
22. Haul Away
23. respect for the killer jams from Ottawa/outro

Buy the new record through Arts&Crafts.


My main man in Ottawa, Matthew at I{Heart}Music, is facing a nasty socan bill which he accumulated in the course of bringing you the finest music possible (read about it here and the follow-up here). Go on over and throw a few dollars his way. Not only will it get you +1000 karma points, he’s making you a mixtape with the help of some of his friends to say thanks.


  1. Mark said,

    Any word on the Skeleton Park Fest lineup. Seems like they still haven’t updated their site, even though a friend swore to me over the weekend that it had been updated.


  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Mark. You are indeed right. No official lineup yet. I hear, however, that one is coming “soon”. Keep checking and when I hear what the line up is I plan on posting it.

  3. albert said,

    i think everything seems to be down…

  4. rgsc said,

    hrmm. Thanks for letting me know, Albert. I’ve sent a mssg off to my hosting company and will let you know when things are back up and running.

  5. albert said,

    ah, no worries. i thought something was up… but thanks for the great blog

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