April 17, 2009

Matthew Barber – Ghost Notes now available in the US

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Photo of Matthew Barber taken at the Grad Club 21 Oct. 2006-10-21 by theplot

One of Canada’s best songwriters and b(oot)log favourite, Matthew Barber, is finally releasing his fantastic album Ghost Notes in the United States. This record has been out for over a year in Canada and I think it is a real gem, showcasing the best elements of Barber’s music. The sound is crisp, clear and straightforward, which suits the stripped bare feeling of the songs on the album. Barber’s voice comes across clear and true, delivering his introspective lyrics which are filled with subtle insights and clever turns of phrase. While the overall feel of the record is sombre, best suited for those sleepless nights, there are a few corkers (“Settle My Accounts” and “One Little Piece of My Love” in particular), which show that Barber hasn’t forgot how to rock.

Here is the lead track for you to check out.

* Easily Bruised

And a live one from his performance in Kingston from back in 2007 (full set here).

*(I’m Gonna) Settle My Accounts With You

He will be opening for the lovely Jill Sobule in Brooklyn at Union Hall on May 13th. Apparently a US tour is in the works but no further details are available so be sure to check out his site periodically for full tour info.

Go out, my American friends, and get yourself this record from iTunes (US) and iTunes (Canada) (iTunes also has Barber’s back catalogue so snap that up too) and for a physical copy hit up Outside Music. Or you can go visit Zunior for you Ghost Note needs (offering it up in both digital & physical).

For those of you who wondered what it would be like if Matthew Barber starred in a Jane Austen novel (and really, who among us hasn’t), here is the smashing video for “And You Give”.

I hope you all had a great Easter. I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled b(oot)loggin’ programming…sometime…

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