April 1, 2009

The Burning Hell, Skeleton Park Music Fest, 21 June 2008

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My amigos over at Apple Crisp are following their amazing Festival with another feat of wonder – a show featuring the Gertrudes, The Burning Hell, and  The FemBots, taking place this Saturday, April 4th at BarNone.  And if you plan on attending that other show going on that night, I am pretty sure if you hustle between venues after the first is done you will still be able to catch the last bit of the AC show, making it a most wondrous night of music indeed, and, as the cover is a paltry $5, you’d be crazy not to.

We’re fans of all three bands here at b(oot)log HQ, but thought we’d take the opportunity to post about The Burning Hell here today. The ukulele wielding Mathias Kom (see the latest Apple Crisp Zine to get better acquainted with Mr. Kom) and his troupe of up to a dozen musicians deliver sardonic, often creepy, and quite often very funny songs about zombies, the end of the world, stuff he likes, and his own birth. Kom is a wonderful story teller who presents witty narrative songs with a deadpan delivery, backed by the strums and plucks of his ukulele and supported by a the ever shifting band who provide beautiful, multilayered  instrumentation.

The Burning Hell have a brand-spanking-new album out called “Baby” and are touring all over the place to spread the word (Check out Dancer/Romancer and another new song on their site).  Here are a few upcoming dates. They are going to be in the Atlantic provinces and then back through Ontario through April and into the summer so be sure to check out their myspace to get full listings.

1 Apr 2009 The Gordon Best Theatre, Peterborough – CD Release, w/ FemBots & Weird Weather
2 Apr 2009 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto w/ FemBots, Wax Mannequin and Jenny Omnichord
3 Apr 2009 The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield w/ FemBots & Gertrudes
4 Apr 2009 Bar None, Kingstonw/ FemBots & Gertrudes
5 Apr 2009 Divan Orange, Montreal, w/ FemBots & Weird Weather

While I imagine The Burning Hell are probably most at ease playing dank clubs, I had the pleasure of seeing them in the bright sunlight at last year’s Skeleton Park Music Fest, where they brought their own skeleton and played a fantastic set. I was only going to post a couple of tunes from the recording but I was enjoying it so much today that I thought it would be a shame not to post the entire thing. I hope you dig it and be sure to check them out at BarNone this weekend.

The Burning Hell, Skeleton Park Music Fest, 21 June 2008

1. square dance (talk)
2. In the Air Tonight/I Love the Things That People Make
3. Everything You Believe in is a Lie
4. Last Will and Testament (note – the title is right – i forgot to change the tag)
5. born in Kingston (talk)
6. Municipal Monarchs (with Jenny Omnichord)
7. it’s exciting (talk)
8. Grave Situation Part 2
9. another song our ours about death  (talk)
10. Grave Situation Part 1
11. slow dance (talk)
12. Happens in Florida
13. going out to the students of economics (talk)
14. Bretton Woods

Buy the three smashing Burning Hell cds from (weewerk) and/or Zunior.


  1. dnl said,

    They closed Thrift Stock last night. It was their first show in 4 months, but they played like a dream. Saturday is gonna be goooooooooood.

  2. jsscka said,

    Tonight @ the Horseshoe!


  3. Mithras said,

    I know it’s been quite some time, but could you reupload the songs? The links don’t work anymore, at least for me.

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