March 9, 2009

Rock Plaza Central, Queen St. United Church, Kingston, 11 April 2008

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photo by Blurasis taken at Barrymores, Ottawa, 12 April 2008.

Next week, from Tuesday, March 17th to Friday, March 20th, the astoundingly resourceful and generally all ’round wonderful Apple Crisp will be hosting a free music festival at locations around the city. There will be nine bands from near and far, and each evening the Apple Crispers are offering up something stellar. Check out the AC site and the poster at the bottom of the post and be sure to get out and see some great live music.

I am perhaps most excited about seeing b(oot)log favs Rock Plaza Central (for previous RPC post see here). I’ve seen them play several times in the past and each and every time they have been fantastic. Onstage their music oscillates from  gentle and refined to raucous and raw. Chris Eaton and co. have a stellar stage presence, frequently telling stories and jokes, giving background on the songs, or having fun with his bandmates. The richness of the music complements the lyrical content which takes listeners to dystopian worlds, to the bottom of the ocean, to Sackville, and as far as Eaton’s imagination can take him. With a new album due out in May, I look forward to seeing exactly where he will go next.

Below you will find my recording of RPC’s show from about a year ago. It was a gorgeous concert in an amazing, now condemned, venue. They played an excellent set drawing primarily from “Are We Not Horses,” with a few older gems and a couple of new songs. The band is going to be playing a few shows in Ontario this month and I am told that they will have a tour-only EP for sale which will have a couple new tracks as well as some alternate versions etc. Get to the show early to avoid disappointment (they will be selling copies online as well). Dates can be found on their Myspace.

19 Mar 2009 Apple Crisp Festival Next Church w/ Reuben deGroot, Kingston
20 Mar 2009 Call the Office w/ Timber Timbre, London, Ontario
21 Mar 2009 Horseshoe w/ Key Witness and Afie Jurvanen (from Feist), Toronto
22 Mar 2009 Casbah w/ Akron/Family, Hamilton

Rock Plaza Central, Queen St. United Church, Kingston, 11 April 2008

1. a typo on the altar (talk)
2. Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses
3. (talk)
4. My Children, Be Joyful
5. (talk)
6. When We Go, How We Go (Part 2)
7. can’t remember what the chords are (talk)
8. I Am An Excellent Steel Horse
9. trumpet of shame (talk)
10. (Don’t You Believe the Words of ) Handsome Men
11. a lot funnier when we practiced it (talk)
12. Gutterdance
13. (talk)
14. Fifteen Hands
15. people don’t get beat up in Sackville as much as they used to (talk)
16. Stereotrucks
17. microfiction (talk)
18. Last Band on The Earth
19. “fall far from the light” (The Wrong Side of the Right?)
20. one more (talk)
21. We’ve Got A Lot to be Glad For
22. psych out thing (talk)
23. Anthem for the Already Defeated
24. makes up a lot of stuff (talk)
25. The Things That Bind You

You can pick up Rock Plaza Central’s albums through their myspace or digitally from Zunior.

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