February 24, 2009

Quick Review! Apple Crisp Compilation and Zine

Posted in mumbling at 1:21 pm by rgsc

Tonight at the Pete Samples show I talked about on the weekend, the Apple Crisp Records Compilation and Zine will be launched and you can pick it up at the show for a mere $10 (it will be on sale at Novel Idea and other local retailers for $15). This 9 song collection showcases the strength and diversity of the local music scene which is producing some exceptionally exciting music. The compilation features the electro-dance rockers Magic Jordan (the build on “Running for Our Lives” is astounding); the brash high-hat and deadpan delivery of False Face;  atmospheric glitch from The House Is Black; singer-songwriters with a difference Nich Worby and PS I Love You – both of whom get better and better with each release and each time I see them; gorgeous tracks from the rootsy, folksy Christina Foster and Rueben deGroot; a stunning track from  The Gertrudes who are tough to characterize – with their olde tyme aesthetic which mixes with electronics and theremin (!) – but who produce beautiful songs filled with banjo, harmonies, horns and the most wonderfully unexpected sci-fi touches; and the amazing ambient sound sculptors TimKnightUs. As for the Zine in which the CD comes packaged, it is beautifully constructed and features insights into the Kingston scene, charming dispatches, observations, and notes, along with wonderful photography and art. I highly recommend you pick up the album/zine and get brought up to speed about the amazing art – aural, visual, and textual – that is being produced in Kingston. Here is one track from the record – be sure to come out to Next Church tonight to grab yourself a copy to hear the rest.

*The Gertrudes – Turn Out The Lights

I’ll be speaking about this in more depth in the coming weeks but I thought now was a good time as any to let you know that you need to mark your calendars for the spectacular (and free!) Apple Crisp Festival which will run from March 17th to 20th and which will feature most of the acts on the Apple Crisp sampler as well as B(oot)log favs like Entire Cities and Rock Plaza Central. Its going to be awesome.



  1. Jared said,

    thanks for the kind words! apple crisp likes you too!

    whenever I see somebody recording a show in kingston I ask them if they write bootlog or knows who does. either I keep missing you or you’ve lied to my face!

    keep up the great work,


  2. rgsc said,

    hey Jared – thanks!
    i wouldn’t lie (unless I thought you were gonna bust me or something) so i guess you’ve never asked me. Perhaps you will unmask me one of these days. But if you don’t enjoy the game of ‘spot the blogger’ you can actually you can just ask greg who i am.

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