February 12, 2009

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 29 February 2008

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photo from 30 March 2007 at the Grad Club by Weekend Vagabond (and check out the stunning photos from NYC in November by gabi porter|ballulah).

Hello fellow dreamers and lovers,

There is no better place you could be this Valentine’s Day than in the Grand Theatre with Jill Barber. The whole world is starting to catch on to what we’ve been saying for ages – that Barber is absolutely, positively wonderful in every way, shape and form. What this means is that she is no longer playing the beloved Grad Club (which made Top 20 best live venue in Canada! Vote here to keep it in the race!) but has moved to a larger venue which will better help her sweep the masses off their feet.

Barber released a record last year called “Chances” which astounded me. Although I had heard a number of the songs live prior to their appearance on the album, I was not prepared for the evolution in the sound these songs would take. Taking her inspiration from wartime-era jazz, Barber turns the sultry up, way up, on this album. Featuring the clarinet, dramatic strings, lovely touches of piano, and close harmony backing vocals that channel the Andrews Sisters, she evokes a bygone age of beauty and sophistication. What has not changed one bit is Barber’s amazing, rich voice. It is a voice to slow-dance to, to fall in love to, and, occasionally, to console a broken heart with. ‘Chances’ was my favourite album of 2008 and I have no doubt will continue to be a favourite long into the future.

Jill Barber is starting a tour of Ontario & Quebec, starting off in Belleville TONIGHT at the Empire Theatre (it looks like there are still tickets available) where I will be seeing her (the first time seeing her perform outside of Kingston) as I will be out of town on Valentines. Do yourself a huge favour – go see her live for yourself. Full listings are available on Barber’s Myspace.

12 Feb 2009 The Empire Theatre, Belleville
13 Feb 2009 The Showplace Theatre, Peterborough
14 Feb 2009 Grand Theatre, Kingston
15 Feb 2009 Petit Campus, Montreal
18 Feb 2009 First Canadian Place, Toronto
19 Feb 2009 The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield
20 Feb 2009 The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield
21 Feb 2009 The Mod Club Theatre, Toronto with The Hyloziosts!
22 Feb 2009 Aeolian Hall, London
23 Feb 2009 Dublin United Church, Guelph
26 Feb 2009 Centre In The Square, Kitchener
27 Feb 2009 The Studio at Hamilton Place, Hamilton

Here are a few new songs and a few older ones, along with a cover, from the wonderful Sibling Rivalry Tour’s stop in Kingston last year. Enjoy.

* Measures & Scales
* Two Brown Eyes
* Chances
* Wishing Well
* It’s A Dream (Neil Young cover, with Matthew Barber)

Buy ‘Chances’ and the entire Jill Barber back catalogue – conviently all can be found at Zunior or at MapleMusic.


  1. mchen said,

    Clever blog name — glad I found you! Just saw Jill last Friday at the Black Sheep Inn, and posted about it here, in case you’re interested:

    Wow, she’s great 🙂

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Mchen. Thanks – I thought it was rather good (but probably that I am not half as clever as I think i am). Glad you found me as well. Nice write-up – and that was some mighty fine plotting. The audio on your vid was pretty great. Thanks for posting that.

    And I dig your shirts and other art. hey people – check out M’s rad shirts! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6233108

    And she is. She really, really is.

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