January 26, 2009

Gentleman Reg, Stages, Kingston, 4 April 2008

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Photo by The2Scoops taken at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, 11 December 2008

The first Apple Crisp of the year is going to be a good one. Toronto singer-songwriter Gentleman Reg is hitting the stage at Apple Crisp’s new home – the Next Church at 89 Colborne St.  While the venue is different, two things are undoubtedly going to hold steady: tasty apple crisp and other wonderful baked goods and music so good you wonder how they can do it for only $5 cover. Gentleman Reg, who is promoting his new album Jet Black (out Feb. 24 on Arts & Crafts), will be playing this early show (7pm) with Apple Crispers PS I Love You. I haven’t heard the new album – his first in 4 years – in its entirety yet but from what I have heard, I can tell it will continue Gentleman Reg’s streak of producing stunningly gorgeous albums filled with irresistable pop hooks. His delivery is gentle, almost whispered, but it seems that Reg showcases his rock chops more than ever before.

Gentleman Reg only has a few upcoming tour dates so yourself lucky Kingston and get yourself to the Apple Crisp show. Full dates at le myspace:

27 January – The Next Church, Kingston
24 February – Soundscapes, Toronto (in-store @ 6pm)
12 March – The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

And for your listening pleasure here are a few tracks from Gentleman Reg’s all to short performance last April opening up for Stars here in Kingston.

Gentleman Reg, Stages, Kingston, 4 April 2008

* City of Eros
* It’s Not Safe

Buy GR’s cds and buttons at his site and be sure to get he new single and, in a months time, new record at Arts&Crafts.


Apple Crisp!

Two other Apple Crisp events that you will want to mark in your calendars right this second:

1) On February 3rd, Apple Crisp is supporting their/your/our most favouritest and bestest radio station evah, CFRC, with a Funding Drive Concert Spectacular at The Grad Club featuring : Magic Jordan, The Gertrudes, False Face, Cities Turn to Sand. It is going to be six kinds of radical so be sure to be there. SUPPORT CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY RADIO – DONATE TO CFRC!

2) On February 24th Pete Samples will be playing an Apple Crisp show (Probably not at Queen St. United Church as advertised. I’ll confirm that). It is going to be wicked awesome and in case I don’t have a chance to mention it later I thought I’d mention it now.

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