January 15, 2009

Land of Talk, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 9 August 2008

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Hey folks,

After a brief period of hibernation I have emerged and hope to get back into the swing of things around here at b(oot)log hq.  There is a metric assload of great shows coming through town. I have a list of ’em down there on the right hand side – each and every there is, I am sure, going to be mindblowingly fantastic.  So get out there and see some music!

The year is starting off with a bang as this weekend there is not one but two fantastic shows over at Ye Olde Grad Club. Up first on Friday is Land of Talk. Featuring the (now healthy, I hope) vocals of Liz Powell who belts out plaintive but powerful lyrics, Land of Talk’s songs move along at a ferocious pace. That pace is set by tight rhythm section of new-ish drummer Andrew Barr and bassist Chris McCarron who build and build and build, enhancing the urgency of Powell’s razor-sharp guitar work.  Even when not playing at breakneck speed, there is a tautness in Land of Talk’s songs, offering a melancholic, but never defeated, sound.

I’ve seen LoT perform live a handful of times over the last few years and they’ve become increasingly comfortable and self-assured onstage. Below I have a couple of tracks from their performance at the 2008 Wolfe Island Music Fest. They were a bit rushed as they arrived to the island late, but they provided a solid set with Loel Campbell of Wintersleep drumming for them after just one practice, drawing from their fantastic EP and from the then-unreleased new album “Some Are Lakes”. Hope you dig it.

Upcoming dates:

15 Jan 2009 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto (TONIGHT!)
16 Jan 2009 The Grad Club, Kingston

Land of Talk, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 9 August 2008

* Speak to Me Bones
* Some Are Lakes
* Young Bridge

Buy the new full-length from One Little Indian and shirts from their myspace.


  1. pineau said,

    Those two pictures of land of talk, Loel Campbell(wintersleep/holy fuck/contrived) is playing drums

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey pineau – you are absolutely correct. Loel stepped in to play. As I state in the last paragraph of the post “… they provided a solid set with Loel Campbell of Wintersleep drumming for them after just one practice”.

  3. […] couple of bootleg tracks from Land of Talk’s set at the Wolfe Island Music Fest last year. Click here to […]

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