November 10, 2008

Feist, Massey Hall, Toronto, 1 November 2008

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photo by K.Mercer, taken at the NAC in Ottawa(?) from the Feist tour archive.

Prior to Feist‘s stadium gig at the ACC in Toronto, she held a more intimate show (as well as a few ‘secret’ shows in town, or so I am told) at that gem of a venue, Massey Hall. I wasn’t at ACC, so I can’t say how it compared, but the Massey Hall show was outstanding. From the get-go it was pretty clear that this was not going to be a girl-with-a-guitar-singing-on-stage kind of concert but rather it was going to be a *show*. Seeing Feist, I found, was witnessing a spectacle. She is an amazing showperson who commanded the stage with her presence and, of course, her amazing voice. It was evident that a great deal of thought was put into every aspect of the performance. The three person projection/lighting team were absolutely fantastic. They created innovative artistic backdrops for each of the songs using a projector, spotlights, and tiny videocameras. As with Final Fantasy’s use of the projector, this can be somewhat distracting from the music, but overall it was very complementary and enriched the experience for the audience. Feist’s performance was as good as could be imagined. While I was worried her voice might not be at its best (she seemed to be a little hoarse when she spoke) her voice remained strong and clear throughout the evening. Employing looping pedal for her vocals and guitar – and backed by her band – Feist created lush tapestries of sound. She was mesmerizing in the slower moments and absolutely captivating in the upbeat ones. These rock-ier moments led to some of the highlights of the show, with the one-two punches of Mushaboom & I Feel It All at the start of the show and 1234 & Sealion at the end ensured that the audience would walk away with nothing but sheer adoration for her.

Below you will find my recording from the night. I think it turned out rather well, although you may need to turn up the volume on your speakers when playing. I hope you enjoy…I’ll be over here hiding under my desk waiting for my bandwidth to implode.

Feist, Massey Hall, Toronto, 1 November 2008

1) Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
2) fancy meeting you here (talk)
3) So Sorry
4) Mushaboom
5) I Feel It All
6) The Limit to Your Love
7) Ouija board (talk)
8 ) When I Was A Young Girl
9) Honey Honey
10) smoke & mirrors (talk)
11) Who Could Love You More than Me?
12) pull something out (talk)
13) The Park
14) My Moon My Man
15) Past in Present
16) Brandy Alexander
17) ghosts have risen (talk)
18) Gatekeeper
19) 1234
20) Sealion
21) The Water
22) making a lot of noise for Hayden (talk)
23) Secret Heart
24) Let It Die

Buy Feist cds (including the new deluxe edition of The Reminder, out Dec. 2, 2008), shirts, and other goodies at the Feist store.


  1. craig said,

    My fiancee and I were at the same show (for her b-day. Hi KIM!) and was also impressed. I even made the same comparison to FF’s show, although I found the team at Feist did more interesting things with found objects, like the 1-2-3-4 video impression.

    I was at another Feist show previously that was hell. We were on the middle balcony so the spot lights were swinging directly in our sight lines constantly, and there were quite a number of loud ‘sing-a-long’ people in the crowd that annoyed my old fuddy duddy sensibilities.

    However this show rocked my white knee length socks and too high pants enough to make me fit in with the younguns.

    thanks for the tunes.

  2. geoff said,

    Sounds like an especially awesome Feist show. So jealous she’s been playing so many small shows around Canada and not the states. Solid bootleg too. Has she ever done a less-than amazing show?

  3. Абов said,

    Не нашёл контакты админа – хочу разместить рекламу.

  4. hihater22 said,

    Thanks for the article. I work with motorola and the new Krave is perfect to download these songs fast. With it’s clear top flip phone capabilities it can be a perfect gift too!


  5. Bootradr said,

    Great show. Feist is unbelievable! Thanks for the audio. I put together a DVD of Feist a few weeks ago (a compilation of mostly HD broadcasts between 2005-2009). If anyone’s interested in downloading it it can be found at

    Thanks again 🙂


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