September 27, 2008

Holy Fuck, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 11 August 2007

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photo of Holy Fuck performing in Philadelphia, 17 May 2007, courtesy of Jalapeño.

I know, I’m rather late on this one, but since Holy Fuck‘s show at the Grad Club sold out ages in advance – much the dismay of procrastinators everywhere (such as myself) – the urgency of me posting this to “promote” the show really wasn’t necessary. Who went? How was it? Awesome as usual? Damn…and I could have bought tickets when I got the AoH ones but figured I could put it off until payday. That’s what I get for not being on the ball. Anyway, as those of you who were at the show last night will almost certainly be able to attest to, Toronto’s Holy Fuck put on one massively awesome show. It is filled with energy and improvisation, and more bootyshaking than you can shake a stick at. Its six kinds of fun and you really should see it for yourself. Below you will find a few tracks from their set at last year’s Wolfe Island Music Festival. There is a fair bit of talking on the recording so I am just gonna post a few of the better songs. I hope you dig it (more live HF here and here). And be sure to check them out for yourself. Feel free to rub it in if you do, I deserve it. They have a million tour dates coming up – a few in North America (they are playing the Montreal House in Peterborough, ON tonight) then they are off to the UK and Australia. Full dates here. HF are in the running for the Polaris Prize (and stand a pretty good chance to win). Tune in to Ceeb3 for your live coverage, Monday night (Sept 29, 2008) starting at 7pm Eastern.

B(oot)log will be going on a short hiatus effective immediately. Be sure to check out all the rad shows coming to town and visit my blogger friends, peers, and idols listed in the sidebar.  See you at the end of October.

Holy Fuck, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 11 August 2007

* HF-WIMF2007-01 (any one know the title for this?)
* Tone Bank Jungle
* Lovely Allen

Buybuybuy – but what happened to Dependent Music’s site?

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  1. caru danger said,

    i don’t think that song is on any of the albums. i would say it’s an improvisation track…

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