August 31, 2008

Final Fantasy, Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, 27 August 2008

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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of driving up to Toronto to see one of my all time favourites, Final Fantasy, who played an amazing set of mostly new material for a hometown crowd. He played an hour long set comprised of songs from the the extraordinary new ep “Spectrum, 14th Century” (released officially on Sept. 30th with another ep, “Plays to Please” – a record of Deep Dark United covers, released on October 21st by Blocks Recording Club; available now at shows) and, from, I believe his next full length, “Heartland” (slated for release in 2009), as well as a few older songs. Joined by the amazing projectionist, Stephanie Comilang, the show was mesmerizing – it was visually sumptuous and aurally intoxicating. I never cease to be amazed by Pallett who constructs his intricate songs, layer by layer, on stage.

His new songs are fantastic – I was able to pick up “Spectrum” (P2P was not available in Toronto – apparently it was on sale in Victoria – how is it?) and have been listening to it obsessively since the show. It is filled with woodwinds, steeldrums, birdsong, & crickets and in it Pallett creates a fantasy world with the songs telling stories from the perspectives of the inhabitants of that world. I highly recommend you pick up this album when you can. Final Fantasy is playing/has played today at Bumbershoot and then is off to Brazil, Iceland, and Australia. For full dates check out Pallett’s myspace. I have a few tracks from the show and may post the rest at a later date. I hope everyone is enjoying this rather glorious Labour Day weekend.

Final Fantasy, Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, 27 August 2008

* This Lamb Sells Condos
* The Butcher
* Many Lives -> 49 MP
* This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine
* Hey Dad/Song Song Song

Buy the amazing Final Fantasy records from The Blue House/Tomlab/Zunior (digital)



  1. craig said,

    Vampire Weekend and Final Fantasy in the same week?!?! I saw Owen at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival last year (two years ago?) and it was an amazing set. Hope to catch him live again soon.

    Thanks for the music.

  2. saudade said,

    I was first turned on to Final Fantasy from your blog, so thanks again!

  3. dave said,

    looks like you were sitting to my right. i was sitting dead centre balcony in the last row of the front section. i taped the show aswell and might put up a few songs once i get it tracked out. stephanie was amazing. do you have the full setlist handy?

  4. rgsc said,

    Craig – you’re most welcome.
    Saudade – Yay! blogs work! turning people on to the great musics!
    ps. i saw this the other day and thought of you –
    Dave – I was actually in the main section, to the right. I would be very curious to hear your recording – see how much of a difference there is (my levels were pretty low…and you are much more together and professional and all ’round better at this ‘taping’ thing i fumble around wtih. really i am pretty sucky at it).

    Set list runs like this:
    FF-27Aug2008-01 (title?)
    This Lamb Sells Condos
    The Man with No Ankles
    The Butcher
    Flare Gun
    FF-27Aug2008-07 (title?)
    FF-27Aug2008-08 (title?)
    Many Lives -> 49 MP
    He Poos Clouds
    This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine
    Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
    Hey Dad
    Song Song Song

    with some talk in between. As you can see there are 3 songs that i can’t identify and that the FF forum doesn’t know either.

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