August 27, 2008

Vampire Weekend, Rogers Picnic, Historic Fort York, Toronto, 20 July 2008

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photo of Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend @ The Rogers Picnic by Chromeswaves (more photos here). With extra special thanks to Frank for hooking me up with tickets to the show.

You have to hand it to the organizers of this year’s Rogers Picnic – they sure did throw together quite an ecclectic show. From Dizzee Rascal to Animal Collective to Born Ruffians to City & Colour to Cat Power to (this week’s feature) Vampire Weekend, there quite conceivably was something for just about every taste. It did lead a bit of an odd crowd make up – the reaction of some C&C fans near me when Animal Collective played were both amusing and annoying simultaneously – but from my vantage point most people were diggin’ what they were hearing, even if they weren’t familiar with the acts prior to the show. There were a few logistical hiccoughs (namely: the lineup to get in which was soooooo slooooow – i was there pretty much in time to see the first act, The Carps, but didn’t get through the gates until 3 songs into the Born Ruffians’ set) but I will commend them on two things: 1) having the live dj sets rather than some roadies’s ipod on during the breaks was excellent, even if I wasn’t sure who was spinning what when and 2) having a beer tent that ran alongside the main area and not at the back, allowing those of us who like to have a beverage or two still have great sightlines and decent (if not quite as good) sound. And the beer tents had actual tents which became very important once it started to rain very, very hard from the last song of the Born Ruffians on through the rest of the day (the organizers sadly did not have the ability to control the rain like the Chinese government…although it is quite possible that the WIMF organziers did, because really…that was gorgeous weather).

One of the best things about the crazy lineup was that it that with the exception of Born Ruffians and Tokyo Police Club, the rest of the lineup was bands that I am not very likely to see. Chances none of the American (or UK acts, in the case of Dizzee Rascal) are going to come to Kingston. One of the bands I was looking forward to seeing live was Vampire Weekend who put out quite a record that I’ve enjoyed a fair bit this summer. While they didn’t blow me away  or anything but they did put on a solid set of their hooky brand of bouncy, African-influenced pop.

Given the wonderful beertent placement I was able to see the stage and remain dry which made the day much more enjoyable than it might have been otherwise. But it meant that the conditions weren’t ideal for recording – not the clearest sound with a great deal of chatter at time on top of that. As the recording turned out to be only mediocre I’ve posted the three best songs from the Vampire Weekend set. Enjoy.

I hope every one has a fantastic Labour Day.

Vampire Weekend, Rogers Picnic, Historic Fort York, Toronto, 20 July 2008

* Mansard Roof

* Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

* White Sky

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  1. I really ❤ me some Vampire Weekend.


  2. craig said,

    I have been listening to them while I work out. They have some great videos over at,3840

  3. The Motorokr said,

    that’s an awesome drumset! Vampire weekend is awesome! Can’t wait until they make it on The Hotel Cafe tour.

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