August 18, 2008

Handsome Furs, Wolfe Island Music Fest (Flying V Showcase), 8 August 2008

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photos by me (i have a new camera so expect all kinds of mediocre photos to go along with my mediocre writing and mediocre recordings)

Howdy folks,

For the last three months or so I told you how good the Wolfe Island Music Fest would be and I think it is safe to say that my predictions were spot on. The music was great, as was the atmosphere, hell, even the weather was amazing. So, first of all, my thanks to Virginia and all the folks who put the amazing day on – we greatly appreciate your hardwork in making WIMF the best festival around. The CBC was there recording a bunch of the acts so check out Canada Live and Bandwidth to hear what they have for you. And because they were sponsoring the event and recording it I may not be posting many of my recordings from the day (we’ll see how it goes).

The Festival got off to a great start. Lots o’ fun was had at the Hootenany but I only stayed for the first half as I wanted to be sure to get to the General Wolfe Hotel in time for Handsome Furs. Following a killer set by Magic Jordan (who literally blew shit up…well, they blew a fuse, which counts), Dan and Alexei played a relatively short but fantastic set full of new material. They played only two songs from their album, along with another that they’ve been playing for a while (‘Heaven”), and the rest of the set was all brandspanking new – and several songs were performed for an audience for the very first time. We were really lucky to have heard them played in such an intimate setting. The new songs are fantastic – not a great departure by any means from  Plague Park but perhaps a bit heavier and more intense. A few technical difficulties aside, it was a great show.

There are a few North American dates (including Toronto this coming Friday and Ottawa on Saturday – the Ottawa show is part of the 2008 I{Heart}Music Fest. Get your weekend pass for only $20 for 4 days of stellar music where you will get to see HF, Woodhands, Ghost Bees and many other b(oot)log approved acts) before a European tour so be sure to check them out when they come through your neck of the woods.

Aaaaand, here’s a few songs from the show on 08-08-08. There is some distortion in the loud bits which is unfortunate but hopefully not too distracting for you. Despite the less-than-perfect quality it is just too darn good not to share. I may not keep these songs up for long so enjoy them while you can.

Handsome Furs, Wolfe Island Music Fest (Flying V Showcase at the General Wolfe Hotel), 8 August 2008

* Legal Tender
* Snakes on the Ladder
* Evangeline
* that’s my mojo, baby (talk)
* Office of Hearts

Buy the amazing “Plague Park” and some sweet shirts.



  1. craig said,

    Dude, I think I love you 🙂 Thanks for the music.

  2. This music fest looks awesome! You should also check out the The Hotel Cafetour too. They have some awesome artists on there like William Fitzsimmons and David Ford. If you get a chance check out the free ringtones they have with Motorola, thanks.

  3. SSS said,

    I thought it was a pretty good show, but the technical difficulties really sucked the life out of it at some parts.

    Thanks for the music though. The new stuff sounded really good.

  4. JSHAW said,

    Sick, great tracks, I’ve never been to wolf island so far, but a lot of my friends have been and loved it.

  5. Ming Wu said,

    Ya they were amazing in Ottawa back in August for i(heart)music festival.
    Glad to see them live.
    I can’t believe both are such nice people.

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