August 6, 2008

Town Hall Hootenanny, Wolfe Island Music Festival, 10 August 2007

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photo of Luther Wright and Chris Brown from Luther’s site.

I’ve gone on (at some length, you might say) about all the goodness you are in for on Saturday at the Wolfe Island Music Fest. What I’ve yet to talk about in any detail is the Hootenanny, being held again outdoors at the Marysville Town Hall. For those of you who have not experienced a Hootenanny you don’t know what you’re missing. Basically it takes a large handful of really, really talented musicians who back each other up throughout a series of short sets. There’s a bunch of bluegrassy stuff, a bunch of folky stuff, some cowpunky stuff, a great deal of humour – matched, no doubt, by an equal amount of liquor – and more toe-tapping, yee-hawing stuff than you might be able to handle. Seriously, even if you don’t think it is ‘your kind of music’ it is, trust me on this.

And this year is gonna be a great one. The incomparable Carolyn Mark is going to return after taking last year off and, although it hasn’t been advertised anywhere, I found out today that the strange, the wonderful, the awe-inspiring Hank and Lily (who’s new album “North America” I happened to be listening to yesterday – go and get it, its excellent. And it comes with a comic book! And they are astounding live) will be there, too. Joining them will be Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright, Luther Wright and openers The Abrams Brothers (and quite likely other “friends”). And then following the Hootenanny Handsome Furs and Magic Jordan are going to destroy the General Wolfe. Gonna be a night that will be tough to top.

Last year’s Hootenanny was fantastic. Out, under the stars, we were treated to the musical stylings of Luther Wright, Chris Brown, Jenny Whiteley, Jim Bryson, Joey Wright, Sarah Harmer, and the host-extraordinaire Krista Muir.  (i urge you to visit each and every one of their sites to find out where you can buy their music). Here are a song or two from each – just a brief sampling of the nearly two hours of music – to give you a sense of what you can look forward to on Friday.

Luther Wright
* Parking Lot Song
* Northern (w/Sarah Harmer)

Jenny Whiteley
* Indoor Lightning

Krista Muir
* La Grenade

Chris Brown
* While You Sleep

Jim Bryson
* Pissing on Everything

Sarah Harmer
* Will He Be Waiting For Me?

Krista Muir & the Hootenanny All-stars
* Hootenany outro

Get your Hootenanny tickets online or around town.



  1. Motorokr said,

    those are some awesome musicians playing there! Last time I heard of such great musicians together was at The Hotel Cafe you can check out all six artists, they have six free ringtones up for download too! Awesome stuff, hope you enjoy the music! Happy Friday.

  2. Fried Brain said,

    Thanks for the links. Nice music

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