August 5, 2008

Cadence Weapon, Halifax Pop Explosion, 21 October 2006/Fuse, 14 April 2007

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photo by sjtiffen taken at Lollapalooza, 2 August 2008

All right boys & girls. The 2008 Wolfe Island Music Fest kicks off on Friday with the Hootenany and from there on out its gonna be sun and music and good times all around. So get your tickets if you haven’t already, grab a hat and your dancing shoes and come on out. Seriously. You’d be crazy to miss it. I’ve seen 90% of the bands on the bill and I with out reservation I give the “b(oot)log seal of approval” to all of them. There is no doubt that the quality (and quanity) of acts is really, really high.

One of the acts I have not yet witnessed for myself, and the most anticipated act for me, is Edmonton’s Cadence Weapon. After being first introduced to his remixes I was blown away by his 2005 release “Breaking Kayfabe”. This year’s “Afterparty Babies” featured meditations on fashion, celebrity, and success. The beats and the flow remain fantastic.

Live, at least from what I hear in the Pop Explosion show below, Cadence Weapon is rawer, angrier, spitting his lyrics. The edges of everything are wonderfully present and on stage DJ Weez-l’s mixing and scratching really comes to the forefront. I am really looking forward to seeing what they bring to the WIMF stage on Saturday.

I have for your listening pleasure a few songs from two different shows courtesy of the always amazing CBC. The first is a live set from the 2006 Halifax Pop Explosion (full set can be found on CBCRadio3) and the second is from a stunning Fuse pairing which matched Cadence Weapon with Final Fantasy. Fuse will be winding up, with the last show airing in September, which is truly unfortunate. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have for you tonight and I hope to see you all at the Festival.

Cadence Weapon, Halifax Pop Explosion, The Marquee Club, Halifax, 21 October 2006 (CBC Sessions)

* Oliver Square

* The New Face Of Fashion

* House Music

Cadence Weapon with Final Fantasy, Fuse, CBC Radio 2, broadcast 14 April 2007

* Sharks

* Mini T.V.’s (Chad Van Gaalen cover)

Cadence Weapon is on UpperClass & Epitaph. Neither site wants to make buying records easy but you are smart enough to find a retailer which will take your currency in exchange for the music.


Need a reminder about all the great bands you are going to see at WIMF this weekend? Ok, here it is, one more time:

August 8th (8:30pm)
The Town Hall Hootenanny featuring Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright, Luther Wright and friends and The Abrams Brothers.
August 8th (10:30)
Flying V Productions showcase at The General Wolfe Hotel
The Handsome Furs with special guests Magic Jordan
August 9th (1pm start)
Featuring (in reverse order):
Cadence Weapon
Land of Talk
Jason Collett
Plants and Animals
Tony Scherr
The Acorn
Ruby Coast
Music Maul
P.S. I love you!

pretty sweet, eh?


Tickets for the Friday August 8th, Hootenanny show: $20
Tickets for Flying V Productions showcase at The General Wolfe Hotel $15.00
Tickets for Saturday August 9th: $30.00
Camping will be available on site: $10 per person

Get tickets on line at MapleMusic

or in person at:

Windmills Cafe, 184 Princess St. at Montreal St., Kingston
The Grad Club, 162 Barrie St. at Union St., Kingston
Brian’s Record Option Princess St. Kingston
Fargo’s General Store, Wolfe Island
The Island Grill, Wolfe Island


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