July 14, 2008

Plants & Animals, The Grad Club, Kingston, 8 March 2008

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Howdy folks. We are just four short weeks away until the small town of Marysville on Wolfe Island (not to be confused with the other Marysville, which is located  just east of Belleville) is invaded with some of the best bands around as the Wolfe Island Music Fest rocks and rolls for two days of awesomeness. Last year, my first, was stellar. With another great lineup, this year should be no different. Need a reminder of who is going to be there? ok, here it is:
August 8th (8:30pm)
The Town Hall Hootenanny featuring Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright, Luther Wright and friends and The Abrams Brothers.
August 8th (10:30)
Flying V Productions showcase at The General Wolfe Hotel
The Handsome Furs with special guests Magic Jordan
August 9th (1pm start)
Featuring (in reverse order):
Cadence Weapon
Land of Talk
Jason Collett
Plants and Animals
Tony Scherr
The Acorn
The D’Urbervilles [note: it was announced yesterday that The D’Urbs had to cancel due to illness. Ruby Coast has been added to the lineup]
Music Maul
P.S. I love you!

As I did last year, I’m going to feature a few of the bands that are going to be playing at the festival. I have seen most of the bands on the list – regular b(oot)log readers will note that a number of the bands that will be at WIMF have been featured here before –  and I can tell you from first hand experience that the quality of acts that will be at the festival is pretty hard to beat. I haven’t seen Cadence Weapon yet and I think seeing him is what I am most anticipating this year. But I am really looking forward to pretty much all the acts especially this week’s feature:

(photo by Fireflyvt, at Divan Orange, Montreal, 17 Nov. 2007)

Montreal’s Plants and Animals. They blew me away in October when they opened for Elliot Brood (who have a new album out!) and The Acorn (also at WIMF) and, when they came back as headliners they were even better. On their second visit they were promoting their amazing full-length “Parc Avenue” and with a longer set they were allowed to stretch their legs a bit, not having to worry that much about time constraints which might otherwise lessen the impact of their longer songs. This show was certainly one of the best so far this year that I’ve seen. They sounded great and put on an all-round fantastic show. As before, they never allowed their songs to get away from them, reeling in the jams at the perfect moments, while keeping things loose and natural. I have a feeling they are going to absolutely slay on the festival stage.

If you are unable to see Plants & Animals at WIMF I feel sorry for you, but you might be able to see them elsewhere as they are playing all sorts of festivals this summer. Check their myspace for full listings

16 July – La Telephone Rouge, Sherbrooke, Quebec
18-19 July – Folk on the Rocks Festival, Yellowknife
25-26 July – Hillside Music Festival, Guelph
3 Aug – Osheaga Festival (Parc Jean Drapeau), Montreal
4 Aug – Central Park Summerstage (with the National),     New York
9 Aug – Wolfe Island Musicfest, Marysville, Wolfe Island (just a ferry ride from Kingston)
13 Aug – Whistler Village Mainstage, Whistler, BC
17 Aug – Salmon Arm Festival,Salmon Arm, British Columbia
29 Aug – Espace 400 – La Grande Scene, Quebec City

Plants & Animals, The Grad Club, Kingston, 8 March 2008

1. Mercy
2. how about this thing (talk)
3. Good Friend
4. Faerie Dance
5. next selection (talk)
6. À l’orée des bois
7. nice muscles (talk)
8. Feedback in the Field
9. snowy evening (talk)
10. Lola Who?
11. big thanks to Paul (talk)
12. New Kind of Love
13. just can’t do it (talk)
14. Guru
15. encore (talk)
16. Early In The Morning
17. autoharp (talk)
18. Bye Bye Bye

For some more live P&A, you can check out my recording of their October ’07 set which is is still up.

You can buybuybuy the amazing, and Polaris Prize shortlisted,  “Parc Avenue” along with their ep “With/Avec”, and rad shirts here.

And get your WIMF tickets through MapleMusic.


  1. […] seen P&A this year and I have no doubt that they are going to be just as good as they were the previous two times they were at the Grad Club and as they were at the Wolfe Island Music Fest. They are […]

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