July 7, 2008

Iron & Wine, The Orpheum, Boston, 27 September 2007

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photo from the show by Rebecca Carter at Relix.

Lean in close. Sam Beam speaks in whispers and gentle strums so you have to give him your full attention. Iron & Wine is perfect for these humid summer nights. The music evokes mangrove, cicada, condensation on your drink leaving a dark ring on the table, & rocking chairs on a back porch. Beam delivers dark, beautiful, and poetic lyrics with assurance. It is not as sparse as it used to be but it remains as gorgeous as ever.

I was quite excited to see Iron & Wine when I was in Boston last year. Unfortunately the once majestic, now slightly rundown, Orpheum has an amazing history but poor sound (which apparently is well known to locals but I expected much, much more from such a storied venue). Couple that with no A/C to speak of during a late-September heat wave and rather uncomfortable chairs, seeing the show that evening – at the end of what was already frustrating day conferencing  – left much to be desired. But none of this was the bands’ fault. They played (what should have been) a great set, drawing heavily from the fantastic and then recently released new album “The Shepard’s Dog” with forrays into the I&W back catalogue (but sadly no “Naked as We Came” which I would have loved to hear) and during the moments when the sound wasn’t total shit (ie when you could hear the vocals, and the violin, and the drums – seriously how do the drums which work for 2/3rds of the show suddenly get lost?) it was pretty spectacular – hinting at what a great show it could have been. They are touring Europe in August and are in western Canada in early October. Check out full dates here and try to see Beam and his magnificent beard live for yourself.

I hope my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July weekend (and I hope my non-American friends had an equally wonderful non-holiday weekend). Next week, I think, I will begin my countdown to Wolfe Island Music Fest 2008. Woot!

Iron & Wine, The Orpheum, Boston, 27 September 2007

* House By the Sea
* Sodom, South Georgia
* Carousel
* Upward Over The Mountain
* Jezebel

Buy the excellent Shepherd’s Dog (as well as clothes, other albums & various other goodies) and you can also purchase live Iron & Wine from PlayedLastNight (and you can Cook with Sam here! well, get to see him talk about his favourite recipe).

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