June 19, 2008

Entire Cities, The Artel, Kingston, 16 February 2008

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photo by Jenny Charlton, taken at at the Alex P. Keaton in London, ON, from the Entire Cities FB album.

Well my friends, it is time for the Skeleton Park Music Festival. It starts tonight and there is an action packed lineup of great bands from near and far – over twenty acts in all – in addition to children’s activities, dancers, artisans and more. With two evening events leading up to the full day extravaganza on Saturday at McBurney (aka “Skeleton”) Park I have no doubt it is going to be a helluva time.

One of the bands that I am most looking forward to seeing is Entire Cities. I’ve seen them a few times now and they never never less that fantastic. There is a palpable energy on stage which is shared by the crowd, as is always seen while shouting out that memorable chorus on “Dancing with my Brother”, they are engaging and energizing. Both live and on cds, they dish up the raucous (ie “Dancing”; the unreleased “Chain-Link Fence”) balanced with the sweet and tender (Coffee; the absolutely stunning “Waiting”). On their recently released full-length “Deep River,” they’ve captured the best aspects of the live show but, through the excellent production, the subtleties of the vocal and the many, many instruments (accordion, flute, singing saw, banjo, guitar, horns, furious drums etc etc) are not lost.

Be sure to come out and see Entire Cities for yourself at the SPMF (its free!) and for those readers in Toronto they will be playing Sneaky Dee’s with Hot Panda and Wordburglar on June 29th (part of the Wavelength Music Series). Below is my recording of their set at The Artel in February where they played a fantastic show with the Rural Alberta Advantage.

Entire Cities, The Artel, Kingston, 16 February 2008

1. Sunshine
2. tiny place (talk)
3. Cop Song
4. fundraiser (talk)
5. Dancing With My Brother
6. special people (talk)
7. Chain-Link Fence
8. didn’t sleep for three days (talk)
9. Dream Logic (Zombie Song)
10. recorded a couple of times (talk)
11. Coffee
12. kind of a punk rock song (talk)
13. EntireCities-16Feb08-13 [title?]
14. next song (talk)
15. Hat on the Bed
16. pre-release (talk)
17. Talkers
18. Accountant’s Dream
19. stolen from the RAA (talk)
20. Barns of Reefer

Get yourself “Deep River” at select stores (Made 4 You, Kingston; Soundscapes, Toronto(? according to AKA not soundscapes, you’ll have to check for yourself)) and online at Zunior.


  1. Ronatron said,

    It’s funny how you mention them being great live and on CD. It’s a shame most bands aren’t like that. I remember going to see a few local bands which I heard on the internet and they were decent, but when they played live, they sure killed the stage. I guess it’s really hard to put that much energy into an album, as opposed to rocking out on stage. Kudos to Entire Cities for doing both.

  2. AKA said,

    Entire City Fans are buzzing all over the blogosphere…….. but where is one suppose to find the actual album on CD (NO soundscapes does not carry it!!)

    no wonder they didnt get mentoined in the polaris list

    and is this suppose to be an EP… only 8 songs.. no thanks

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Ronatron – it is a rare thing to be great live & recorded (without the live show being a perfect, note for note, rehash of the album which can be uninspiring) – it has a great deal to do with vitality which can be lost in the studio. Of course, some bands ONLY sound good in the studio (thank you pro tools)

    AKA – I don’t know what to say. Sorry for the bum lead on Soundscapes – I was just going by what the EC website said. If you want a physical copy of the album you could get in touch with the band through their website/myspace and I imagine you could come to an arrangement. I don’t think the lack of a physical cd in your local megamart had that much to do with their not being on the polaris long list – the people who vote on that list are critics, journalists, bloggers, and independent/college radio stations who more likely than not would have got a copy of the album. I venture to say that EC has a lower profile as they seem to tour mostly in Ontario with the odd trip out East (arguably, though, wider distribution of the record could assist this profile) and there was just not enough consensus across the board to make the top 40 – I imagine they were on the longlong list but just didn’t make the cut this time around. If you are not tied to the physical then head on over to zunior and you can get the album for $9.

    And no, its an LP, not an ep. EPs generally run 10-30 minutes with between roughly 2 and 7 songs (not hard and fast, just a rule of thumb). Their prior release, “Centralia”, was an EP at 25min and 7 songs. And what do you have against EPs anyway?

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