June 3, 2008

Jon-Rae and the River, Grad Club, Kingston, 9 March 2007

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photos by Miles from Nowhere taken at the Grad Club, 4 November 2006 (you can find my recording of that great show here).

Word on the street is that Jon-Rae and the River are no more, which is unfortunate because as a unit, they had a really great vibe. I was lucky enough to catch them playing at the Grad Club twice and in both instances you could feel the passion and energy dripping off each member of the band. On stage, belting their songs out, it was the very definition of rock ‘n roll. However, illness and excess, or so the story goes, took their toll and not too long after the last time I saw them, the band broke up and Jon-Rae Fletcher moved to Kelowna. He’s apparently been working on new material (you can download an unreleased song called “I Cannot Dance” from his myspace) and has hit the road in a series of solo shows including TONIGHT in Kingston as part of the Apple Crisp Music Series at the Queen St. United Church (7pm start. go eat apple crisp it is freakin’ amazing) along with PS I Love You who are celebrating the release of their/his new cd.

You can also check out Jon-Rae in:
6 June – Montreal, with Alphababy
7 June – Ottawa, with Entire Cities, Alex R. Newmanand Rich Aucoin (this awesome bill is brought to you by I{heart}Music. Go here for details).

Get out and see Jon-Rae if you can. I have no doubt his solo performance will be just as great as his shows with the River. Here is my recording of the JR&theR show from last March. I felt at the time that the band was a little looser (um…drunker?) than the previous show, but they nevertheless rocked the socks off of all in attendance. Enjoy.

Jon-Rae and the River, Grad Club, Kingston, 9 March 2007

1. Eastern Migration
2. All That I Had
3. good to have it here (talk)
4. when i die (title?)
5. bless her heart (talk)
6. JonRae&River-9March2007-06 [i forget the name of this song – i’ll find it and update]
7. Two Hands
8. duct tape (talk)
9. Fuck Me
10. boys from St. Thomas (talk)
11. Best of My Time
12. Ghostsong
13. When You Come Knockin’
14. turn it up (talk)
15. Nothing To Do
16. wore me out (talk)
17. Hard In The City
18. we’re out of here (talk)
19. Downtown
20. one more (talk)
21. Just One More
22. encore break (talk)
23. Roll
24. our last song (talk)
25. Fourteen Years

Jon-Rae knows what you need (to buy): its his record.

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  1. craig said,

    Drunker? Probably and uhm the Coke apparently. CBCR3 did a great interview with him, and they played some of it during the podcast here: http://radio3.cbc.ca/programs/cbcradio3podcast/?episodeId=939

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