May 21, 2008

Old Man Luedecke, The Artel, Kingston, 16 March 2007

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photo courtesy of The Artel.

Man-oh-man am I behind on this. TONIGHT, May 21st, Old Man Luedecke is going to be at the Grad Club and you should go see him. It’s an Apple Crisp show celebrating the release of The Gertrudes‘ new record and a Skeleton Park Music Festival fundraiser (no word on the 2008 line-up for this yet but as soon as i know i’ll let you know) and it should be a really great time.

In addition to being totally banjo-rific, OML is an endearing performer – charming, witty, tells great stories – and his songs alternate between rollicking fun and tender ballads and they all have really great lyrics over intricately picked banjo. What more could you want? He’s recently released an excellent new album entitled “Proof of Love” which I highly recommend. The title track has been stuck in my head for days now and I’m perfectly happy to let it go ’round and ’round up there. When OML visited town in March of ’07 he previewed a bunch of songs off his then-unreleased album and played a bunch from his (also highly recommended) record “Hinterland”. I have below a few songs from that night for you to sample. I had some issues with my mic so there is a bit of hiss but i don’t think it is too detrimental to the overall effect. I hope you like these songs (I really, really do) and I hope you see you out at the Grad Club tonight. He’s playing a ton more dates pretty much everywhere so click here to find out where else you can see him.

Old Man Luedecke, The Artel, Kingston, 16 March 2007

* I Quit My Job

* At the Airport

* Ain’t Goin’ My Way

* Proof Of Love

* The Drawing Near

* Joy of Cooking

* Rocky Mountain Belle (Ramblin’ Jack Elliott cover)

Get your self Old Man Luedecke’s albums through Black Hen (or follow the links to Zunior to get it digitally).


  1. Frances Donovan said,

    Can you post or send me the lyrics for the song Proof Of Love? I can’t understand some of them.
    Thanks so much,.

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Frances,
    I don’t have a copy of the lyrics at the moment. I’ll try to get them and will send them to you when I do. r

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