May 9, 2008

Shows: Woodhands + Magic Jordan @ the Artel 10 May 2008

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the gorgeous show poster is by Benjamin Nelson.

I don’t know how this escaped the attention of my Show Listing editor (that’s going to be one fired webmonkey, that’s all I have to say) but what is undoubtedly going to be the most raucous, amazing, bewildering, sweaty, dancey show of the year is happening this Saturday. Woodhands, joined by Magic Jordan, are going to invade The Artel on Saturday, May 10th, and if you have any sense you will get yourself there (and get there early ’cause space is limited).

I’ve been listening to Woodhands’ new album “Heart Attack” a great deal lately and it is filled top to bottom with stompers. While the lead track Dancer is an absolute stunner – with its sultry female vocals juxtaposed with the gritty shouted lead – and has been pretty much on repeat at my place for the past couple of weeks, the entire album is excellent. Dan Werb rocks the keytar like his life depended on it and Paul Banwatt proves very well might be the best drummer around. The beats are hefty, the synth riffs energizing, the vocals swing from melodic to gritty. I know we’re prone to hyperbole here on the interwebs, but I think stating that “Heart Attack” is going to be one of the albums of the year is a pretty safe bet.
This show is going to be HOTTTTTTT.

(and i’m going to be out of town. fuck.)

Here are a few tracks to so you can get your dance on tonight before you get it on tommorrow:

* Dancer
* Be Back Soon

Be sure to pick up the album through Paper Bag and/or Zunior.

And you can get a Magic Jordan track on the Friends of Skeleton Park album which is superb. Its out on Apple Crisp Records and can be bought around town.

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