April 1, 2008

Sandro Perri, New Year’s Concert, Bandwidth, CBC Radio One, Ottawa, 29 December 2007

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Okay folks, I know I’m running a few days behind on this (last) week’s post but here is something that I think is pretty cool. If you want to know why I love the Ceeb (although, no more Air Farce? That’s kinda sad) and why you should too, here is just one example of the amazing programming they bring to the airwaves.

The stellar CBC program Bandwidth approached 6 of its favourite musicians (Andre Ethier, Jim Bryson, Zaki Ibrahim, Catriona Sturton, Jenny Whiteley, and this week’s feature Sandro Perri) at the end of 2006 and asked them each to write 27 words (lyrics, poetry, free associated ramblings) which were passed on to another person in the group to do a ‘first draft’ of a song based on or inspired by the 27 words. That first draft was then passed along to another member of the group who used that as the inspiration or starting point for a fully realized song to be performed at the end of 2007. Nifty, eh? The process was intriguing and the results were excellent. It was a highly sucessful – and enjoyable –  experiment in collaboration.

Below you shall find the first draft composed by Perri as well as the fantastic full song he produced. If you like what you hear there – and you can check out the Perri’s performance from the last time he swung through town – be sure to get yourself to The Artel on Saturday, April 5th, becasue Perri will be performing along with Nat Baldwin (who I know nothing about except that he was one of StG’s favourite’s for 2006, which is enough for me to get there early to see him play).  Full dates:

April 4 Toronto, Tranzac w/ Nat Baldwin, Corpusse
April 5 Kingston,  The Artel w/ Nat Baldwin
April 6 Montreal, Le Divan Orange w/ The Luyas, Nat Baldwin
April 11 Hamilton,  Art Crawl Polmo Polpo w/ Orphx
April 30 Toronto,  Tranzac w/ Snailhouse, Dan Goldman
May 9    Toronto,  Tranzac w/ Mama Lisoni, Cry Rumble
June 16 Montreal,  Suoni Per Il Popolo    w/ Michael Hurley

Sandro Perri, New Year’s Concert, Bandwidth, CBC Radio One, Ottawa, 29 December 2007 

* Sandro Perri – “Champagne Kisses” (inspired by words by Jenny Whiteley)
* Sandro Perri – This Time (inspired by words by Jim Bryson & 1st draft by Zaki Ibrahim)

And be sure to pick up Sandro Perri’s albums (in all his guises) here and here.

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  1. shane said,

    Man, that second song is so brilliant.

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