March 24, 2008

Stars, The Current, MPR, 14 March 2005 & 3 November 2007

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photo from Stars’ studio session with Gideon Coe, BBC6, 9Dec2005 which can be heard here.

I hope the Easter Bunny was kind to everyone this weekend. On this sunny, lazy Easter Monday morning, evening, I have one more treat for you which, while not chocolatey is certainly sweet. On April 4th Stars will return to Kingston to share intimate stories of desire, heartbreak, and hope delivered with glorious intertwining vocals over beautiful orchestral arrangements. They will be joined by the amazing Gentleman Reg so get your tickets (sold out online but as of yesterday there are still some available at The Grad Club, the Brass or Destinations) and be prepared to be enchanted. To get you in the mood, I have two radio sessions from the kind folks at MPR – the first is from this past November and, since I had it, one from back in 2005. I hope you enjoy.

The Current, MPR, 3 November 2007
1. intro (talk)
2. Take Me to the Riot
3. in law & order I played a victim (talk)
4. Personal
5. the record will always exist (talk)
6. My Favourite Book
7. like a bad rash (talk)
8. Midnight Coward

The Current, MPR, 14 March 2005
1. intro (talk)
2. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
3. free stuff (talk)
4. Calendar Girl
5. not related/outro (talk)

Buy Stars cds through amazon and support MPR or get albums and shirts and posters through their online store – and hey! they are having a sale. T-shirts for $5! a deal, a steal…


  1. Jill said,

    This blog = love. Thanks!!! 😀

  2. matt said,

    thanks for this. the link to track #8 from the 03/11/2007 mpr session is broken. can you re-up?

    thanks again.

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Matt – thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed and good to go now.

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