February 24, 2008

Jason Collett, Grad Club, Kingston, 14 December 2007

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photo of Jason Collett at the Grad Club on 26 November 2005 by Tamingnoise.

Its singer-songwriter week here in Kingston. On Friday evening we will be entertained by the Barber’s Sibling Revelry Tour (which I’ve been talking about for the last two weeks – do you have your tickets yet?) and that will be followed up by Jason Collett with Peter Elkas on Saturday night. Both shows are happening at the Grad Club and both shows are going to be great. Mr. Collett is out on the road promoting his new album “Here’s to Being Here” which is a worthy successor to 2005’s excellent “Idols of Exile”. There is no great departure here from his previous work, which is by no means a bad thing. All the hallmarks of great Collett songs are still present: evocative lyrics delivered confidently and strong musicianship backing the vocals without detracting from them. The new album does exhibit subtly differences, though, as it seems a little more carefully produced but without ever coming across as glossy or artificial. Equally comfortable belting out the rockers as he is whispering plaintive lines, Collet’s songs feature moments of beauty offset by gritty bits which, frankly, make them more interesting than your average guy-with-a-guitar fare. Come on out on Saturday and see what I mean. Not from Kingston? No worries, Collett will be touring Canada and the US throughout March and April and just might visit a town near you. A few dates are listed below but there are a ton more at his myspace.

27 Feb 2008 – The Casbah, Hamilton
28 Feb 2008 – Starlight, Waterloo
29 Feb 2008 – Montreal House, Peterborough
1 Mar 2008 – Grad Club, Kingston
6 Mar 2008 – Lee’s Palace, Toronto
8 Mar 2008 – Call The Office, London, On

Here is my recording of Collett’s last visit to Kingston. He played a long and great solo set of old favourites as well as a bunch of new songs to an attentive crowd. It was pretty fantastic. I hope you enjoy.

Jason Collett, Grad Club, Kingston, 14 December 2007

1. Tinsel and Sawdust
2. small disclaimer (talk)
3. Pink Night
4. Fire
5. house is tipping (talk)
6. Feral Republic
7. “I remember when” (title?)
8. Honey I Don’t Know
9. take a good thing and call it super (talk)
10. Through the Night These Days
11. Henry’s Song
12. get out your day timers (talk)
13. No Redemption Song
14. I watched Jaws (talk)
15. Parry Sound
16. never said this in public (talk)
17. Brownie Hawkeye
18. Hangover Days
19. Not Over You
20. down for a drink (talk)
21. sleepyheads (talk)
22. Nothing to Lose
23. sounds like paradise (talk)
24. “Wake up mother” (title?)
25. Blue Sky
26. Pavement Puddle Star
27. Diggin’ In the Carpet
28. that’s how you celebrate the end of exam week (talk)
29. Waiting for the World

I recommend you pick up the new album, and the old albums, and tshirts etc. from Arts&Crafts.


Congratulations to Rob who is the proud new owner of MGMT‘s album. Thanks to everyone who entered.


  1. Bryan said,

    If he plays ‘Diggin’ in the Carpet’ on the 1st, I may blush.

  2. Mrs. B. said,

    Dirt Devils seem to handle all sorts of concerns.

  3. […] his growing catalogue, and tells some of the best road stories of anyone I’ve seen (see here here and here for previous JC@theGC encounters). The last time I saw him play it was for a shortish set […]

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