February 9, 2008

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 30 March 2007

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photo from the show by Weekend Vagabond.

If you looked to see which artist or band that I’ve featured most often here in the 2+ years of b(oot)log, I think it is a pretty safe bet to say that Jill Barber takes the number one spot. There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, I really, really love Barber’s voice – jazz-tinged folk – and songwriting – focusing on relationships that end in heartbreak and regret just as often as the ones that were “For All Time”. Also Barber is featured here rather frequently because she tours a great deal, coming to Kingston at least once a year, which gives me plenty of reason to talk about her on a regular basis. I feel like I’ve said it all before but it is worth repeating: Barber is a marvelous singer-songwriter who crafts absolutely gorgeous songs. On stage, she is charming and funny, providing insight into her lyrics by telling stoires of their background. She is also fond of telling tales of the road and reminiscing about her time in Kingston. I have never seen Barber perform outside of Kingston but I can only imagine she is just as gracious and entertaining onstage elsewhere. Given her connection to Kingston and the Grad Club in particular, however, she seems to light up when standing on that tiny stage.

The lovely Jill Barber is set to grace the Grad Club stage once again and, in what is cleverly being called the “Sibling Revelry Tour”, will be playing with her brother Matthew (who I’ve also featured here in the past and will probably post about next week). The Barbers will hit Kingston on February 29th and it should be one heck of a great show so be sure to get your tickets. Here are dates through to March. Check out Barber’s myspace for full dates through June.

9 Feb 2008 – The Back Nine, Fredericton
14 Feb 2008 – Bloomfield Centre, St. FX University, Antigonish
22 Feb 2008 – Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Halifax
28 Feb 2008 – The Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield
29 Feb 2008 – Grad Club, Kingston
1 Mar 2008 – Market Hall, Peterborough
5 Mar 2008 – The Casbah, Hamilton
7 Mar 2008 – London Music Club, London, ON
8 Mar 2008 – Dublin United Church, Guelph
13 Mar 2008 – Velveeta (SXSW), Austin, Texas

And here is my recording of Barber’s last visit to town. I hope you enjoy and be sure to go to the show at the end of the month (for those of you outside of Kingston, check her out when she plays your town).

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 30 March 2007

1. no words (talk)
2. Just For Now
3. not gonna be that way tonight (talk)
4. Don’t Go Easy
5. philosophy degree (talk)
6. A 7th Minor
7. the gentleman to my left (talk)
8. Measures & Scales
9. Willy water (talk)
10. In Perfect Time
11. totally shitty deal (talk)
12. Somewhere Else
13. a song about death on a Friday night (talk)
14. Ashes to Ashes
15. what else? (talk)
16. Legacy
17. soooooo obvious (talk)
18. “Heavy on my Heart” (title?)
19. I don’t want to own you (talk)
20. Nobody Knows You (Eric Clapton cover)
21. Moon River (cover)
22. When I’m Makin’ Love to You
23. can I pretend its about me? (talk)
24. Valentine (Dean Drouillard with Jill Barber)
25. same old speil (talk)
26. Hard Line

Order cds through Maple Music or get them digitally from Zunior (including the amazing, and out-of-print, “A Note to Follow So”)


  1. Rob said,

    Thanks, as always, for this… I’ll check her out when she comes to London.

  2. Pattie Phillips said,

    as always,

    whoot for jill barber!

    and whoot for her juno nom!

    and a double whoot for the sibling revelry tour!

  3. Tim Duffy said,

    Thanks very much for putting this show up. Appreciate it.

    Will Jill ever come down to Melbourne. Love to see her live.

  4. LD said,

    Oh, this is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting this performance. isn’t she wonderful ?!

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