January 20, 2008

Arthur & Yu, The Orpheum, Boston, 27 September 2007/KEXP 21 June 2007

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photo taken by Jeremy Farmer Photog, at the Metro Chicago, 3 November 2007

We are going to continue one the sorta folky track, started with the Hayden show last week, with a post on Seattle’s Arthur & Yu. While I had read some (very positive) reviews about A&Y, I don’t think I had actually heard their music until seeing them open for Iron & Wine during my trip to Boston in September. Seeing them was a definite highlight on a somewhat frustrating day. The debut album of A&Y (aka Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott), ‘In Camera’, is filled with delightfully hazy pop songs that are sweet without being cloying. The vocal harmonies are outstanding – the voices of Olsen and Westcott are perfect counterpoints to each other, merging seamlessly, adding subtle texture to each other. Listening to Arthur & Yu is like putting your ear against your older sibling’s door as s/he is whispering gentle endearments to his/her highschool sweetheart. Intimate, affecting, and something you know you have no right spying on, yet you can’t tear yourself away. Below I have a couple of tracks from the Boston show but since the sound is a little more hollow than is should be (I blame the sound at the Orpheum – which was even worse for Iron & Wine, but that is a story/rant for another day) I am also going to share the band’s in studio session recorded with the fine folks at KEXP. Enjoy.

Arthur & Yu, The Orpheum, Boston, 27 September 2007

* There are Too Many Birds
* Afterglow
* Absurd Heroes Manifestos

Arthur & Yu, KEXP 21 June 2007

1. Intro
2. Lion’s Mouth
3. There are Too Many Birds
4. inverview
5. Afterglow
6. definitely the beer bottles (talk)
7. Flashing the Lobby Lights
8. Outro

Pick up the wonderful In Camera through Hardly Art.

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  1. Arthur & Yu! Represent Seattle!

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