January 6, 2008

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, Stages, Kingston, 5 December 2007

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photo by Cimm, taken at Hey Depot, Leuven, 11 October 2007

While, I am not too sure about the accuracy of my nomenclature with the whole BSS presents Kevin Drew thing,  I do know that Drew and his BSS compatriots came to Kingston and rocked the socks of those present…well at least those of us who were paying attention. It was a chatty crowd – which resulted at least in part  from the venue and its layout – and the band made several pointed commentaries on it. They nevertheless didn’t show any sings of phoning their performance in as they played a fantastic, and long, set.

Drawing from the BSS catalogue as well as ‘Spirit If…’, they also previewed an absolute stomper of a song off of Brendan Canning’s forthcoming “Broken Social Scene Presents…” album, played one of my favourite American Analog Set songs courtesy of Andrew Kenny who was manning the keyboards all night, and played a pretty rad rendition of Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain’. It was an excellent set featuring gems from the many BSS and BSS-related projects. The night was filled with passion, dramatic actions, subtle gestures, beauty and cacophony, tequila, swirling guitars and dreamy lyrics. While it may have not been all one might have wanted from a Broken Social Scene show – it was lacking a venue full of devoted and adoring fans and the ladies of BSS were missed – it was nevertheless rather wonderful, proving yet again that BSS always bring something special to their performance and reaffirming that they are one of the greatest bands around .

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, Stages, Kingston, 5 December 2007

1. Kingston spirit (talk)
2. Lucky Ones
3. Cause=Time
4. spilt tequila (talk)
5. Fucked-Up Kids
6. responsibility (talk)
7. Safety Bricks
8. chatty crowd (talk)
10. Stars & Sons
11. Bill broke his collar bone (talk)
12. Hit a Wall (Brendan Canning)
13. save me (talk)
14. Frightening Lives
15. Backed Out On The…
16. Superconnected
17. lost our roadie to snowboard season (talk)
18. Hard to Find (American Analog Set)
19. british bulldog (talk)
20. Farewell to the Pressure Kids
21. I’ll take Jimmy’s shot (talk)
22. Feel the Pain (Dinosaur Jr cover)
23. judge and be judged (talk)
24. Major Label Debut
25. doin’ things for human beings besides singing songs about heartbreak (talk)
26. It’s All Gonna Break
27. sing-along (talk)
28. When It Begins
29. Tom Petty is a good man (talk)

You know what to do: go. buy. enjoy.


  1. mary said,

    I am listening to this now and it is is excellent, thanks so much. I saw Kevin Drew/BSS last October and it was such great show, and I’ve hoping a recording would show up somewhere.

  2. Steve said,

    Thanks, This just made my day!
    You wouldnt happen to have Grant Hall 2005?

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