January 3, 2008

Nicole Atkins contest

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photo by WaterCoolerGossip, taken at the Bowery Ballroom, 14 July 2006

Nicole Atkins produces lush, soulful pop which hearkens back to times we think must have been simpler but, in reality, were undoubtedly as fraught as the present with the heartbreak, intrigue, and drama Atkins sings about. Rich orchestration, courtesy of her band The Sea, propels the songs – with strings and horns and warbley guitars all the things we like – but it is Atkins’ extraordinary voice that so memorable. It is a voice that can fill a room. Warm, but melancholic, it is eminently suited to her songs of lost love and tragic circumstances, her vocals alternating between tearing your heart apart and comforting you. The swell of the string section is easily outmatched by Atkins, whose voice moves from sensual crooning to passionately belting out her lyrics. She is equally comfortable with steamy, slow-boiling numbers to the positively rollicking tunes. The full-length “Neptune City” shows Atkins capable of incorporating a number of genres into her sound – from blue-eyed soul, blues, folk, and pop – without it ever seeming forced. Heres a couple to tracks to sample:

* The Way It Is
* Party’s Over

And be sure to check out her performance next Monday, Jan. 7th, on Late Night with Conan O’Brien .

To ring in the New Year and to celebrate the two-year anniversary B(oot)log (ok, not really, but I can pretend that I’m that important, can’t I?), I have a couple of copies of Nicole Atkins’ “Neptune City” to give away courtesy of SonyBMG Music Canada. Just send me an email with “Nicole Atkins contest” in the subject line and your mailing address in the body to gimmestuff.bootlog@gmail.com and I will chose the winners at random. The contest closes January 11th at noon (EST) and I will announce the winners shortly thereafter. Best of luck.


  1. […] Don’t forget – the Nicole Atkins contest closes tomorrow at noon so get your entries in […]

  2. Infrason said,


    Thanks to post so magnificent songs!

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